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Important Only
  • 21:58:27

    According to the BBC: There is evidence that Russia is recruiting foreign immigrants detained at the Finnish border to participate in military operations against Ukraine, rather than deporting them. Finland temporarily closed all eight border crossings with Russia.

  • 20:58:39

    According to local media in Sri Lanka: Power is gradually being restored in different areas of Sri Lanka.

  • 20:51:22

    OPEC Secretary-General Arghais: We need practical ways to deal with emissions.

  • 20:50:57

    OPEC Secretary-General Arghaith: We need all forms of energy. We also need to employ all technical approaches.

  • 20:23:34

    Spokesperson of the Ceylon Electricity Authority: Due to system failure, there is a nationwide power outage in Sri Lanka.

  • 20:18:36

    Turkish President Erdogan: The United Nations Security Council's request for a ceasefire was vetoed by the United States. Is this fair?

  • 19:40:38

    UN official: Half of Gaza's population is starving and humanitarian operations are collapsing.

  • 19:34:57

    According to TASS news agency: Russian President Vladimir Putin had a phone call with Egyptian President Sisi.

  • 19:20:18

    According to the Russian Sputnik Network: Alexander Prokudin, the head of the Regional Military Administration appointed by Kyiv, said that an important infrastructure in Kherson was damaged. Last night, Ukrainian media reported an explosion in a city controlled by the Ukrainian army.

  • 19:01:25

    The president of the Palestinian Authority said that the United States' veto of the United Nations Security Council resolution means that it has become "complicit" in Israel's "genocide, ethnic cleansing and war crimes" against the Palestinians.

  • 18:20:14

    According to the Russian Sputnik Network: Vadim Astafiev, director of the press center of the "Southern" cluster of the Russian Armed Forces, said that the cluster troops destroyed two armored vehicles, a pickup truck, three cars and a 120-gun of the Ukrainian army. mm mortars also hit a temporary deployment point of the Ukrainian 79th Airborne Assault Brigade.

  • 18:16:13

    The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported that the Russian army lost 900 soldiers, 6 tanks, 11 armored vehicles and other equipment in the past day.

  • 18:10:28

    According to the Times of Israel: Rocket sirens sounded in Kfar Aza, a town on the border with Gaza.

  • 18:09:40

    According to the Times of Israel: Rocket sirens sounded in Misgav Am, which borders Lebanon.

  • 18:05:46

    According to Ukrainian Pravda newspaper: The Polish government said that truck drivers blocking checkpoints on the border with Ukraine did not hinder the flow of military aid to Ukraine.

  • 17:36:31

    German Chancellor Scholz: I believe we will overcome the budget crisis.

  • 17:33:11

    Azerbaijan Ecology Minister: There is an overall consensus on Azerbaijan hosting COP29.

  • 15:48:16

    According to Yonhap News Agency: The South Korean Presidential Office stated that South Korea and the United States will strengthen cooperation in the fields of next-generation technologies such as biology, artificial intelligence (AI), semiconductors, batteries, and energy technology.

  • 15:17:52

    According to AFP: Spain's Ecological Transition Minister Theresa Ribera slammed OPEC's attempts to block the phase-out of fossil fuels at UN climate talks in Dubai.

  • 14:52:35

    Gazprom: It will continue to deliver natural gas to Europe through Ukraine, with a delivery volume of 42.1 million cubic meters on Saturday.