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Important Only
  • 2023/03/25 22:55:57

    Market news: Hungary and Serbia extend gas storage agreement until 2023.

  • 2023/03/25 22:21:58

    According to the Financial Times: Unlike many other macro hedge funds, hedge fund Rokos has the vast majority of its leverage in the government bond market.

  • 2023/03/25 22:21:17

    According to the Financial Times: Counterparties say they are not concerned about hedge fund Rokos' ability to meet margin calls.

  • 2023/03/25 22:20:41

    According to the Financial Times: Hedge fund Rokos, which manages about $15.5 billion in assets, fell 12.5% on the month when multiple counterparties asked the fund to increase assets to meet margin calls, two people familiar with the matter said.

  • 2023/03/25 22:17:16

    [Death toll in Pennsylvania factory explosion rises to 5 people] The chocolate factory explosion in Reading, Pennsylvania, USA on the 24th has killed 5 people, 6 people are still missing, and 8 people are being treated at the local hospital . Local police are investigating the cause of the explosion.

  • 2023/03/25 21:51:48

    German Deputy Chancellor and Minister of Economy Habeck: Given the different regulations in EU countries, the legal issues of such actions across the EU need to be resolved, but this should not be an excuse.

  • 2023/03/25 21:51:09

    German Deputy Chancellor and Minister of Economy Habeck: The way to achieve this goal is through another European sanctions package. This is what we want.

  • 2023/03/25 21:50:35

    German Deputy Chancellor and Minister of Economy Habeck: We immediately identified measures, one of which was the introduction of end-use controls on such dual-use goods. We usually only do this for military items. Therefore, companies selling these products must be able to clarify where they are selling them, a measure that should prevent them from circumventing sanctions and exporting products to Russia.

  • 2023/03/25 21:34:56

    After the US struck pro-Iranian targets in Syria, an Iranian security spokesman said any attack on bases established in Syria would be responded to swiftly.

  • 2023/03/25 21:22:11

    Market news: West Midlands bus drivers in the UK ended their strike after receiving a pay rise.

  • 2023/03/25 21:18:56

    German Deputy Chancellor and Minister of Economy Habeck: You have to be very, very gullible to say that there is no connection between the two.

  • 2023/03/25 21:18:31

    German Deputy Chancellor and Minister of Economy Habeck: We have studied the export data of many former Soviet countries and many countries bordering Russia. The truck traffic has been very, very staggering over the years, and all of a sudden, traffic has quadrupled since the sanctions started.

  • 2023/03/25 21:09:18

    While EU and G7 exports to Russia have fallen sharply since the sanctions were imposed, exports of restricted goods to several countries, including Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan, have surged, which in turn have also increased their exports to Russia. Soared sharply.

  • 2023/03/25 21:08:37

    Hundreds of goods used by Russia in military operations, such as advanced semiconductors, integrated circuits and other technologies, may be entering Russia through third countries, trade data show.

  • 2023/03/25 21:07:44

    German Economy Minister: Germany wants EU countries to impose end-user controls on technology and electronics that Russia may use for military purposes in Ukraine.

  • 2023/03/25 20:43:28

    Citigroup strategist Dirk Willer: It is too early to judge whether the pressure on the banking industry will have an impact on the overall US economy. But the Fed and ECB will become more cautious in tightening monetary policy. The U.S. is expected to enter a recession this year, with pressure on the banking sector leading to a tightening of credit.

  • 2023/03/25 20:43:20

    Tornadoes in Mississippi killed at least 23 people and injured dozens more.

  • 2023/03/25 20:24:03

    Mobeen Tahir, head of macroeconomic research and tactical solutions at WisdomTree Europe: Market participants still have a lingering question whether the turmoil in the banking sector is over or will it spread more broadly.

  • 2023/03/25 19:59:20

    [Polish Prime Minister: The EU’s willingness to implement a new round of sanctions against Russia is decreasing] Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki pointed out in an interview in Brussels that Poland hopes that the EU’s 11th round of sanctions against Russia will be implemented within the next two months. But he added that the EU was now less willing to take further sanctions. He acknowledged that the EU was tired of the topic.

  • 2023/03/25 19:43:25

    Swiss Finance Minister: However, everyone, including ourselves, is clear that if Credit Suisse goes bankrupt, restructures or liquidates, it will cause major international turmoil in financial markets.