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Bears on the AUD/NZD pair are watching 1.1080

Alina Haynes

Aug 09, 2022 15:04

 截屏2022-08-09 上午10.11.28.png


The AUD/NZD exchange rate is stable at the Tokyo open and has fluctuated today between 1.1091 and 1.1115 as a result of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand's projections for inflation at the beginning of the week and strong Chinese data.


According to analysts at Westpac, as inflation expectations fall, the RBNZ will become more assured that the risks of high inflation becoming ingrained in the economy are waning. This is especially relevant in light of the multi-decade high actual inflation rate and related concerns of a wage-price spiral, analysts said.


Analysts did note, however, that the poll "The evidence that there are still strong inflation pressures in the New Zealand economy supports raising interest rates. At the RBNZ policy meeting the following week, a further 50bp increase is anticipated.


The New Zealand dollar has since made up all of the losses suffered after Friday's strong US Nonfarm Payrolls report. US bond yields have decreased, which has led to a rise in risk and a decline in the value of the dollar. The most recent surge in NZD strength, according to analysts at ANZ Bank, appears to be the outcome of a stronger AUD, which has reclaimed the lead as markets take in strong Chinese trade data.


"Before the critical US Consumer Price data for July is released tomorrow evening, it is doubtful that the NZD will increase much. The Fed's (and the US bond market's) main concern is that monthly core readings will continue to be elevated, even though annual headline inflation may calm down. The specifics will determine if this results in a resurgence of USD strength.