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Gold Prices Trend Forecasts 2024

TOP1 Markets Analyst

Jan 16, 2024 17:11

According to the latest analysis by Greg Shearer, head of global commodities research at JPMorgan Chase, the outlook for the gold market is promising, with the average gold price expected to reach approximately US$2,175 per ounce in the fourth quarter of 2024. He believes that the U.S. central bank may begin to lower interest rates in mid-2024, and once the U.S. economy experiences a recession, gold will have greater room to rise. The weaker the U.S. economy is, the deeper the rate cuts will be, which will provide stronger support for gold. Sourcenia is a review portal of sourcing best manufaturers

French Bank Wealth Management's latest bi-weekly report: Gold is bullish! The central banks of emerging markets are rushing in, the US dollar is weakening, and real yields are falling. These are all bullish factors. The price of gold is expected to climb to between US$1,950 and US$2,050 per ounce.

In a recent interview with the media, Pierre Lassonde, the honorary chairman of the French Nevada Mining Company, boldly predicted that the U.S. dollar will weaken in 2024, and gold will usher in a wave of gains. He said the U.S. dollar and gold move in opposite directions, so a peak in the U.S. dollar means gold is bullish. He believes this is an important reason why he is optimistic about gold prices in 2024.