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Does Youtube Have Stock?

Aria Thomas

Mar 15, 2022 15:08

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video-sharing social media sites platform that has more than 2 billion active users, which totals up to 1/4 of the world's population.


The firm has actually gone beyond its original objective of providing a system for sharing videos to now customize each customer's experience through numerous features that are provided. These functions include:

  • YouTube Premium--With the typical version of YouTube, videos undergo recurring promotions. Nonetheless, customers can view videos ad-free with a YouTube Premium membership.

  • YouTube Go--YouTube Go is a function that enables videos to be conserved as well as watched offline.

  • YouTube Kids--YouTube Kids is a variation of YouTube targeted to kids, but is tailored to supply kid-friendly shows, songs, academic content, as well as other video clips.

  • YouTube Music--YouTube ventured right into the songs space when it introduced YouTube Music. This music streaming solution allows individuals to pay attention to tunes and view music videos of various categories.

  • YouTube Originals--Not only does YouTube serve as a system for makers to post their job, the platform has even begun creating its own web content when it introduced YouTube Originals. This feature offers audiences accessibility to series, films, as well as events that can be seen without advertisements, gives customers the capacity to download and install the material for offline watching and also supplies accessibility to special web content.

  • YouTube TV--YouTube has additionally increased into live tv with YouTube TV. It gives individuals live tv, on-demand video, and cloud-based DVR from more than 85 television networks.

  • YouTube Select--Marketers will certainly currently have access to an extra curated and higher-quality choice of designers as well as publishers while utilizing YouTube Select.

The History Of YouTube 

According to YouTube's mission, its primary goal is to provide every person a voice and show them the world. Their worths are based on four vital flexibilities: freedom of expression, details, chance, and also belonging.

YouTube was founded in 2005 by a triad of ex-spouse PayPal employees: Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, as well as Jawed Karim. The public was able to examine YouTube in Might 2005. Sequoia Capital spent $3.5 million in November 2005 as well as the YouTube website was officially launched in December 2005, nearly one year after Vimeo was launched. Vimeo was the very first on-line video-sharing system to supply high-definition material to customers, but its development was a lot slower than YouTube. YouTube was getting 8 million views daily when it was launched. In July 2006, more than 65,000 new video clips were being submitted on a daily basis and also the website was receiving 100 million video views per day. The number of views increased more than 12 times in around 7 months.


In October 2006, it was announced that Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in Google supply. In November 2006, Google and also YouTube finalized the deal. Google restructured in 2015 to develop a holding company, Alphabet Inc., which now holds YouTube as one of its subsidiaries.

In 2019 YouTube expanded by 36%, as well as it generated $15.15 billion in earnings because of the fiscal year. That stood for roughly 10% of all Alphabet income in 2019.

The Overview Of YouTube Valuation

YouTube controls the online streaming video clip market with over 2 billion monthly active individuals. Regardless of its size, it shows no sign of slowing down as well as has been proliferating given that it was acquired.

YouTube's ad earnings have been growing over 30% annually, which is higher than Alphabet's total income growth of about 20% annually.

If you go by profits portion, YouTube is currently over 9% of Alphabet's service, yet this percentage is growing yearly.

This number does not include the registration revenue from YouTube Premium, YouTube Music, or YouTube TV. If it were to consist of, then YouTube's total portion of Alphabet's revenue would likely be more than 10%.

How YouTube Makes Money?

YouTube mainly earns money through advertisements used videos. Users upload videos to YouTube as well as have the choice to show ads to gain revenue if they meet specific criteria. The individual earns money from these advertisements when they play on the videos as well as YouTube (practically Alphabet) takes a cut of this advertisement earnings. In 2019, YouTube had $15,149,000,000 in advertising and marketing revenue.

Another key resource of revenue is subscriptions. This consists of YouTube Premium and also YouTube TV.

YouTube Premium allows for ad-free videos, history play, downloads, and also costs songs. At the time of this article, this solution was $11.99 per month.

YouTube TV permits subscribers to view local and premium television channels such as CNN, Fox News, NFL Network, ESPN, as well as lots of various other networks. It was $64.99 monthly at the time of this write-up.

According to YouTube, over 2 billion customers check out the web site monthly. The watch time is over a billion hrs daily, which is mainly on mobile phones.

Does Youtube Have Stock?

YouTube isn't an openly traded business, so there is no supply rate or supply ticker for YouTube.

Can You Invest In YouTube Stock?

Unfortunately, it is not feasible to buy YouTube supply directly.

That's due to the fact that Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006 and now has 100% of the company.


Nonetheless, you can get direct exposure to YouTube by purchasing Google-parent Alphabet, Inc. This is the moms and dad company that has Google, YouTube, Gmail, Android, Google Cloud, and also many various other residential or commercial properties.

You can as a result indirectly buy YouTube by getting Alphabet supply, which is a publicly-traded firm as well as detailed on the NASDAQ with the stock ticker signs GOOGL and also GOOG.

What Is The YouTube Stock Symbol?

Due to the fact that YouTube is a subsidiary of Google, the means to possess YouTube supply is to purchase Google supply. Yet Google is in fact a subsidiary of a firm called Alphabet.

In 2015, Google relabelled itself Alphabet and also made Google a subsidiary of Alphabet. It intended to broaden beyond simply search and marketing and also end up being a technology empire.

So here's the structure:

Alphabet (public company with supply you can acquire) > Google (division within Alphabet) > YouTube (product owned and operated by Google).

Despite the fact that the company name transformed from Google to Alphabet, the stock signs stayed mainly the same.

There are 2 supply signs for Alphabet (Google), which stand for 2 various share courses:

  • GOOG.

  • GOOGL.

I'm not going to get right into the nitty-gritty details of just how both different common courses function. Rather, comprehend that you can purchase either GOOG or GOOGL shares and also obtain the same direct exposure to the firm Alphabet (Google).

GOOGL offers you extra investor voting rights (something most investors don't truly respect), whereas GOOG has no investor voting rights. The share classes were developed to make certain that Google experts preserved control of the business, which implies financier ballot civil liberties aren't most likely to make a meaningful difference on any kind of problems.

How To Buy YouTube Stock?

Like we have actually stated previously, YouTube is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. Consequently, it is difficult to buy simple YouTube stocks directly. However, you can possess a part of it by purchasing its parent business.

You can discover the Alphabet in Nasdaq exchange under the ticker signs GOOG as well as GOOGL. The distinction in between both ticker icons is basic. GOOG is associated with category C shares, as well as GOOGL stock is connected with the business's group A shares.

The actual distinction in between both is having a voting right and also not having any voting rights. With GOOG shares, you have no voting civil liberties in the company. On the other hand, with GOOGL shares, you can appreciate a one-share-one-vote system.

See to it to choose a distinguished and secure broker to purchase Alphabet Inc. stocks. You are required to have a brokerage account to acquire Alphabet Inc. stocks. Using your brokerage firm account, you must use the company's ticker icon and also input the order.

Relationship between Alphabet and YouTube

Although digital advertising and marketing is still a growing service with a lot of room to surpass conventional advertising in the coming decade, Alphabet is already a more varied company than it is offered credit rating for. In the long run, YouTube, Cloud, and a diversified hardware company will certainly become increasingly substantial.

So, Google supplies are the means to go, if you want to gain direct exposure to YouTube.

You'll be able to obtain direct exposure to it someday if Alphabet makes a decision to split off YouTube, as eBay and also Fiat made with PayPal and also Ferrari, respectively.

These more recent Google organizations will certainly be critical to the stock's recurring advancement in the next few years, given exactly how quickly they are growing. Nevertheless, this extremely successful digital corporation is dedicated to venturing right into a brand-new market. Therefore, I wouldn't bet versus google stock rising in value over the following few years.

You can buy either GOOG or GOOGL and also gain the very same exposure to Alphabet.

GOOGL supplies you a lot more investor ballot civil liberties (which most investors uncommitted concerning), whereas GOOG does not give you any. Since the share courses were constructed to make sure that Google insiders maintained control of the company, investor voting civil liberties are unlikely to have a considerable effect on any concerns.

You can indirectly buy YouTube by acquiring supply in Alphabet, which is a publicly-traded organization with the ticker letters GOOGL and GOOG on the NASDAQ.

If you're questioning what the distinction is between them, GOOGL (class A shares) has voting civil liberties, whilst GOOG (class C shares) does not.

Therefore, if GOOGL coincides with the price or is less costly than GOOG, it is certainly a far better investment.

Is Alphabet (Google) Stock a Good Investment?

Considering that you can not purchase YouTube supply by itself, if you intend to possess an item of the preferred video-sharing site, your only recourse is to buy stock in its moms and dad company, Alphabet Inc. Alphabet has a market capitalization in the numerous billions of dollars, which has been aided significantly by YouTube's ads and mobile search ads.

There are lots of various other reasons Alphabet Inc. is a clever buy, including:

Market Dominance

Alphabet owns Google, and Google is the most commonly utilized online search engine in the world.

As a matter of fact, Google is so carefully related to web looking in most individuals' minds that the word "google" has actually become a synonym for "search".

More than 88% of home computer users as well as a whopping 95% of all mobile device customers rely on Google whenever they require a fast reality or a dining establishment evaluation quickly.


Alphabet's stamina as a business does not hinge on its ownership of Google alone, nonetheless. Alphabet is likewise the holding business for:

  • YouTube: 1.8 billion monthly logged-on individuals.

  • Gmail: 1 billion energetic regular monthly users.

  • Google Maps: 155 million special regular monthly individuals.

  • The Chrome internet browser: 44.5% market share.

  • The Android os: 88% of the international mobile os market.

Advertising Information. Several of Alphabet's applications earn money for the firm with subscriptions as well as ad sales while others are offered to customers at no cost.

Even the complimentary applications are very important as a source of information that can aid organizations in their quest to target likely buyers ever before extra specifically.

Google's free search is what made use of to be called "fish bait" in the trade; it tempts individuals, every one of whom are potential consumers for the service that Google is really selling to the businesses it extracts repayment from. That solution is advertising.

As a matter of fact, Google is just one of the largest advertising agencies worldwide with near $100 billion in advertisement sales annually.

Expansion Opportunities

The electronic ad market is no place near saturated yet.

Analysts like the marketplace study company eMarketer think that while investing in television advertisements, print advertisements, paper advertisements as well as radio advertisements will reduce greatly by 2020, spending on web ads will certainly boost by an element of 63%. Google is the leader of the pack when it involves digital advertisements.

Strong Management

Google's creators, Larry Web page and Sergey Brin, still play top duties in Alphabet's monitoring, with Page as CEO as well as Brin as president.

In fact, Web page, Brin and also other Alphabet execs and board members possess 45 million shares, or 58%, of the company's supply. This gives them skin in the video game as the saying goes.

Alphabet management has a motivation to steer the company towards raised earnings since Alphabet's monitoring is personally affected by it.

The business is renowned, as well, for its inspired staff members that are soaked up, interested as well as invigorated by the job they do.


Alphabet's cash surpasses $100 billion while its long-term debt is just a tiny portion of that amount.

Its long-term debt-to-total-assets proportion has actually been decreasing, also, which shows that the business is becoming considerably much less dependent upon financial debt to expand its service.

Need a downturn in the American economic climate take place, Alphabet is well-positioned to endure it and also to prosper.

YouTube VS. YouTube Competitors

YouTube Valuation Vs. Netflix

JPMorgan, in an April record, estimated that YouTube's subscription earnings will more than double to $9.3 billion 2023 from $4.5 billion in 2020. Bank of America in 2014 projected that YouTube's subscription service will reach $18 billion in income by 2025, up from an estimated $5 billion in 2020.

And also recent numbers are supercharging Google stock.

For the June quarter, YouTube advertising revenue stood out 84% to $7.01 billion, topping price quotes of $6.36 billion. For every one of 2020, YouTube marketing revenue climbed 30% to $19.77 billion. JPMorgan sees that more than increasing to $45.4 billion by 2023.

Likewise, JPMorgan places YouTube's valuation at $400 billion, a large portion of Alphabet's $1.91 trillion market cap. Netflix (NFLX) holds a market cap of just over $266 billion.

YouTube is profiting as significant brands shift advertisement budgets from linear broadcast television to digital networks. Extra customers are viewing YouTube on internet-connected TVs in contrast to smartphones, tablets as well as laptop computers.


" You see many advertisers re-evaluating their media mix and also enhancing their investments in our systems," Google Senior Citizen Vice Head of state Philipp Schindler said on the firm's June-quarter profits call. "Linked TV is really the fastest-growing consumer surface area that we have, which development started prior to the pandemic as well as has actually strengthened considering that. And also in the United States, we have over 120 million people who enjoy YouTube on TVs every month. And that's up from, like, 100 million in 2014".

YouTube Shorts Gains Traction Vs. Tik Tok

In August, YouTube said it had 2 million content designers internationally in its companion program. Begun in 2007, the program shares and earnings with material developers. Companion networks keep 55% of ad profits generated by their videos. YouTube claims it has paid greater than $30 billion to makers as well as media firms over the last 3 years.

On top of that, Google is obtaining a grip with "YouTube Shorts"--it's answer to TikTok's appeal. In the June quarter, YouTube Shorts had greater than 15 billion daily views, the firm claimed.

Also, Google has upped spending on YouTube Shorts web content production. YouTube established a $100 million fund, which pays developers up to $10,000 regular monthly for making viral video clips. TikTok designers are counting on YouTube's platform, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

High content prices, however, are most likely a drag on YouTube's earnings. Alphabet in 2014 divulged a lot more financial information on its cloud computing company, which is not yet successful in spite of booming profits growth. Cloud profit margins are expected to improve, which would certainly be a plus for GOOGL stock.


YouTube doesn't have stock. While YouTube is not directly a public business, you can invest in YouTube by purchasing shares of Alphabet (GOOG). In addition to having YouTube as well as Google, Alphabet possesses numerous other subsidiaries or services such as Fitbit, Nest, Jigsaw, Waymo, Verily, Calico, DeepMind, and a lot more. It is a complex corporation that prospective capitalists must place in comprehensive due persistence before taking into consideration an investment. Obviously, an investment in Alphabet can result in losses. Look for professional monetary advice, if needed, prior to buying Alphabet.