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Best Solar Penny Stocks To Watch In 2022

Aria Thomas

Feb 21, 2022 15:38

What Are Solar Penny Stocks?

Solar penny stocks are supplies of solar companies that trade under $5 per share. Solar Penny Stocks is a checklist of solar penny stocks trading on the OTCBB market. There aren't numerous solar penny stocks trading on the regular exchanges like NYSE and also NASDAQ.

Solar penny stock companies are generally tiny, unidentified companies. They can range in business from photovoltaic panel installers to manufacturers. It can even consist of businesses that offer photovoltaic panel parts as well as materials to the solar industry.

Penny stocks aren't such as regular large-cap supplies that move slowly gradually. They can have big price swings. That can indicate the potential for significant earnings. But it also makes them dangerous.

Should You Trade Solar Penny Stocks?

Early indications are strongly suggesting that the 2022 market will be a market like no other. So far, we've experienced an insane surge in renewable energy supplies, the GME free money, as well as a Buffet Sign at an all-time high.

Among the unpredictabilities bordering the market, I discover myself holding more cash than normal as well as investing in growth supplies with long-term potential while hedging with worthwhile stocks. Solar energy stocks are just one of those growth stocks with long-lasting possibilities, and also they are anticipated to carry out incredibly in 2021, particularly with Joe Biden in the White House.

According to an industry anticipated by Valuates Information, 'The international solar power market was valued at $52.5 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach $223.3 billion by 2026, expanding at a CAGR of 20.5% from 2019 to 2026'. Lately, it was reported that renewable energy surpassed nonrenewable fuel sources in the EU's electricity mix in 2020, rising to 38% of total generation as the share of fossil fuels declined 37%.

The international development rate of the solar power market in 2022 is expected to be significant. With the US rejoining the Paris Environment Change Agreement and the President preparing to invest heavily on renewables, it's evident that government policies as well as billions of bucks are going to stream right into the renewable resource market, a space dominated by solar and wind energy.

Lately, some segments of the market, particularly economical small-cap stocks, have actually just recently shown capitalist habits consistent with bubble-like belief. Many private capitalists are jumping in on trades just because the tale around the supply is great, overlooking vital fundamentals.

solar penny stocks.png

Remain on the sideline and also watch as things unravel to get a clear image of exactly how I will come close to the volatility and substantial unpredictability in the room. However, while I step aside a great deal of investors are making loads of money trading these names. And solar energy penny stocks are several of the supplies doing really well in this crazy market.

Solar penny stocks can be incredibly volatile. I like volatility since it permits me to make fast trades. My objective is to take the meat of the step, then proceed to the following opportunity. There's power in volatility. Yet it's a double-edged sword. It's fantastic on the way up. Yet it can reduce deep en route down. That's why I have trading guidelines.

I do not enable a small error to develop into a big calamity. When a stock goes against me, I never ever hold as well as wish. For a stock to have the volatility I wish to benefit from, it requires high quantity and ideally a driver. Significant news or buzz concerning a future occasion can get even more investors interested in the stock. And also extra demand can indicate bigger higher actions.

Solar penny stocks can use those possibilities. But you can't just blindly acquire any type of solar stock. You are required to prepare. That means having a watchlist, a trading strategy, and the appropriate trading attitude.

Top Solar Penny Stocks You Can Watch In 2022

1. Sunworks (SUNW)

Sunworks is a leading company of high-performance, reliable solar energy systems. The firm serves a vast array of industries. This includes household, industrial, agricultural, industrial as well as public works fields. It has credibility for its solar energy tasks procedures and also advancement solutions. Sunworks offers task monitoring, solar performance analysis, procurement, installment and funding services. The firm is also a participant of the Solar Energy Industries Organization (SEIA).

Sunworks Inc supplies solar based power systems for the farming, industrial, industrial (ACI), public jobs, and residential markets in California, Nevada, Massachusetts, Oregon, New Jacket and Hawaii. It has direct sales and/or procedures workers in The golden state, Massachusetts, as well as Oregon. Via its operating subsidiaries, the company designs, sets up funding, integrates, installs, and manages systems varying in size from 2kW (kilowatt) for property projects to multi MW (megawatt) systems for bigger ACI and public jobs. ACI setups have included installations at office buildings, producing plants, storage facilities, gas stations, churches, as well as agricultural centers such as farms, vineyards, and dairies.

2. SunHydrogen (HYSR)

SunHydrogen is a solar innovation business headquartered in California. The company has actually created breakthrough modern technology that generates sustainable hydrogen utilizing sunshine as well as any type of source of water. The business's remedy differs from various other fuel sources because it does not discharge CO2--the only by-product is water.

One of the much more interesting solar supplies under 10 cents, HyperSolar specializes in solar nanoparticle systems that imitate photosynthesis. The objective is hydrogen production, dividing hydrogen from water with itself consisting of HyperSolar H2Generator. If successful, the company will likely lower the expense of commercial electrolyzers considerably. The firm has the market cap for severe R&D, as well as volume on the supply has been generally up over the last few years.

SunHydrogen prepares to scale its service for dispersed hydrogen production for renewable electrical power as well as hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. On its web site, SunHydrogen specifies that it thinks its remedy will create the most affordable expense eco-friendly hydrogen offered on the marketplace today. The firm is based in The Golden State as well as makes and also markets nano-particle systems powered by solar power that different hydrogen from water in a process that simulates photosynthesis. The firm was founded in 2009 and also has a market cap of over $280 million. The 52-week price series of the supply exists between $0.02 as well as $0.34. The share rate of the firm has jumped 54% over the past twelve months.


In September in 2015, SunHydrogen, Inc. revealed that it had actually consented to a capital mixture of $4 million from GHS Investments for the accelerated advancement of hydrogen production innovation. SunHydrogen, Inc. is a popular stock on Reddit discussion forums in the clean energy classification and the volume of the supply is 9,793,913. 

Technically a mix of a solar play and also a hydrogen energy company, SunHydrogen is among the most ingenious companies you'll find amongst ultra-speculative penny stocks. In short, SunHydrogen's technology transforms sunlight right into power to split water at the molecular degree and also essence hydrogen as a clean power source. The procedure is similar to photosynthesis in plant cells.

It's an extensive concept that researchers have actually long attempted to perform through various methods. But according to the College of Southern California, clean hydrogen energy is not without its difficulties. Presently, there are two ways to get hydrogen for tidy energy. One is to extract hydrogen from methane, which results in discharges. The other is to deploy electrolysis, which needs electric energy and thus usually burns fossil fuels. This solar supply trades high quantities. That makes it a good one to watch when the sector heats up.

3. Orbital Energy Group (OEG)

Orbital Energy Group supplies electrical power and solar facilities, in addition to integrated energy framework services and solutions. The firm operates in the USA and also the UK. The firm is composed of a number of services including Orbital Power Solutions, Orbital Solar Solutions, Orbital Telecommunications Providers and also Orbital Gas Solutions. Below are some of the business highlights ...

Orbital Power Solutions is a full-service installment firm. It provides remedies for power, energies and also midstream markets. Business solutions include engineering, building and construction, maintenance as well as emergency action remedies. Orbital Solar Solutions is headquartered in North Carolina. The company focuses on the delivery as well as administration of renewable resource building and construction jobs.

Orbital Telecom Solutions is headquartered north of Atlanta. The company runs with Gibson Technical Providers. It has places across the country that sustain multi-vendor OEM technology atmospheres and outdoors plant building procedures as required. Orbital Gas Systems is a company of customized design solutions in the UK. The firm has cutting edge capacities to give systems that meet customer demands. The business runs through the layout, installment as well as commissioning of industrial gas tasting, measurement and also distribution systems.

4. Solar Alliance Energy (SAENF)

Solar Partnership is a commercial, industrial as well as household energy services carrier. The business offers solar installments throughout the southeastern United States. The company operates in Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and South Carolina. It also offers anywhere in North America for commercial projects. Over 10,000 homes and also businesses have actually used the firm's power solutions. Solar Partnership also sets up electric lorry battery chargers as well as solar canopies for convenient charging at home.

Solar Alliance Energy Inc. is a Canadian firm that supplies power solutions. It is positioned eighth on our listing of 10 solar penny stocks to acquire according to Reddit. The stock has returned more than 1,011% to capitalists in the past year. In earnings results for the, uploaded on April 30, the firm reported that gross profit was C$ 914,000 and also the income was C$ 3.5 million, up more than 59% contrasted to the revenue over the exact same duration in 2014.

Solar Alliance Energy is a power remedies service provider focused on residential, business as well as commercial solar setups. Its consumer base is spread throughout Tennessee, North and also South Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois, Florida and California. This geographical diversity is intriguing because fifty percent of these states are hot locations for millennials. Given that this generation represents the biggest labor force in the U.S., Solar Alliance can take advantage of a possible lasting earnings stream.

Additionally, the Covid-19 dilemma can help Solar Partnership as people move far from major urban centers to the suburban areas and even backwoods. Homebuyers must have greater control over the renovations they make to their house. On the other hand, adjustments to high-rise condominiums are normally no-nos. Additionally, Solar Partnership has good financials for what it is. In 2020, the company generated income of nearly $2.8 million, up more than 60% from 2019's tally. Undoubtedly, though, earnings are a worry. Solar Partnership prints red ink on the bottom line typically.

Inevitably, with volatility in SAENF supply fading in current sessions, speculators may watch this as a time to hop on board. Just like various other high-risk, high-reward solar plays, it might be worth throwing a couple of bucks of dumb money into the supply.

5. Spectacular Solar (SPSO)

Spectacular Solar focuses on designing, engineering, installing as well as keeping an eye on solar energy systems. The company has intended to make planetary systems simple as well as budget-friendly since 2004. It runs in New Jersey and also offers residential, company and also nonprofits. Incredible Solar offers customized systems to serve individual customer energy as well as budget needs. Solar financing is likewise used by the firm without advance payments. Rather, customers are charged regular monthly energy costs that are allegedly lower than various other power choices.

Spectacular Solar, Inc. is rated fifth on our list of 10 solar penny stocks to get according to Reddit. The company operates from New Jacket. It mainly engages in planetary system installations however also supplies various other solutions like roof agreements and also fund monitoring. The company was founded in 2004 with the purpose of making planetary systems very easy and affordable for both business and domestic consumers. In addition to mounting the solar systems, the company likewise uses support services connected to the systems.

The 52-week rate series of Spectacular Solar, Inc. supply exists between $0.02 as well as $0.13. The quantity is 494,403. The typical volume of the supply over three months is 841,201. The headquarters of the company remain in Rahway. Incredible Solar, Inc. claims that the planetary systems it sets up for commercial as well as residential clients are custom-designed. It additionally supplies solar financing choices with no ahead of time settlements, only billing monthly charges that it asserts are less than other power choices.

6. Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation (SIRC)

Solar Integrated Roofing Corp is an incorporated solar and roofing installment business specializing in commercial and homes with a focus on the procurements of like companies. Solar Integrated Roof covers commercial and also household energy required in the United States market. It defines itself as an "incorporated, single-source solar energy and roofing systems setup platform firm.".

With specialties in battery backup systems as well as electrical lorry billing terminals, Solar Integrated is a basically pertinent trade. However will it pay? Numerous proponents of solar penny stocks think so. At the start of the year, SIRC stock was trading hands at 27 cents. A month later, shares saw a closing price of $2.76. Excitement was sky high. However, the Texas wintertime tornado dampened bullish sentiment in the solar market. Because of this, SIRC plunged back down to fact.

Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation.png

On April 19, the supply shut at 46 cents. From there, its price ups and downs however saw no real web movement. As an example, SIRC shut at 45 cents on July 22. But shares can delight in a rebirth of bullish energy from the broader promote clean power options. SIRC is a solar and roof covering setup business. On April 27, the company revealed its subsidiary Foundation Building will certainly "start evaluating the acceptance of cryptocurrency settlements from customers.".

In May, SIRC finished the acquisition of a service process contracting out firm. CEO David Massey said, "We delight in having closed our acquisition of Equilibrium so quickly, offering the essential backend required to support our hostile procurement method,".

7. Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. (ASTI)

Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. is a Colorado-based firm that makes and sells photovoltaic or pv digital items as well as mobile power applications. It is placed 7th on our checklist of 10 solar penny stocks to buy according to Reddit. In profits results for the second quarter, uploaded on August 9, the business reported an earnings of greater than $0.3 million, up 666% compared to the revenue over the exact same period last year. Earlier in August, the company authorized a $10 million financing contract with the controlling investors.

Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. has a market cap of over $367 million as well as uploaded $66,000 in income in 2014. It was founded in 2005. Among the premier items marketed by the firm is solar battery chargers, made use of for both armed forces and commercial objectives.

Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. stock has actually been skyrocketing amid mentions on Reddit online forums and has actually signed up a year-to-date gain of 8,575% up until now. However, given that the net losses for the firm have actually expanded year-on-year, there is a bearish outlook on the firm as well. A penny stock that genuinely is worthy of the designation, Ascent Solar Technologies offers remarkable upside potential for its equity device's cheap price. At the moment, ASTI is trading hands for 1.5 cents.

Ascent Solar's underlying service is solar solutions, varying from bare components to complete products that can stand up to severe environments. It is specifically pertinent for exploration and also r & d purposes. We're living in strange times when social networks and speculators have combined into an awesome collaboration. While ASTI stock may appear to be a going-nowhere equity unit, it takes pleasure in incredible allure on investment-related forums. It would not stun me if the sheer power of the internet relocates shares significantly greater from here.

Granted, you intend to be careful with a firm that created less than $70,000 in sales for 2020. Yet similar to the various other penny stocks on this checklist, you'll want to hug tabs on ASTI shares just in case.


Making use of solar energy is expanding as fossil fuels are being changed. Buying solar dime stocks has the potential to make investors a great deal of money. Transforming to a low-carbon economy will take years. However, it can be rewarding looking into solar companies, with a lot of their stocks valued under $5.

FAQs About Solar Penny Stocks

Is investing in solar penny stocks a good idea?

A key approach for terminating carbon pollution in America is reorienting the nation to tidy, renewable energy by 2050. Power is the major resource of worldwide discharges and also holds the essential to replying to environment change.There's an unstoppable modification occurring in the electric power industry. In the words of the Director-General of the International Renewable Resource Agency, Francesco La Video Camera, "2020 marks the start of the years of renewables.".

In 2001, America created half of one percent of its electricity with wind, solar and geothermal power. That year, the Department of Power anticipated that by 2020, the number would certainly increase--to a rough 1%. Renewable resource development exceeded the prediction ... and then some. Today, greater than 10% of America's electrical energy comes from the wind, the sun and the earth. With this in mind, solar penny stocks remain to appear extremely promising.

What are the most profitable solar penny stocks?

There are particular indications I try to find prior to I make any kind of profession. Each day I make use of StocksToTrade to scan for huge percent gainers with high quantity, as well as, ideally, a catalyst. I don't trade supplies based on the company's product or innovation. And I never trade illiquid stocks.

What are the top online brokers for solar penny stocks?

You must have the ability to trade detailed solar penny stocks by using any of the major brokerages. Yet if you wish to trade solar penny stocks listed on the OTC markets, you need a broker that allows that.

Specific broker agents additionally don't enable brief marketing. So if that's part of your method, do your study initially. I use E-Trade and also Interactive Brokers. That does not suggest they're the most effective. They just suck the least for my trading demands and also help me as well as my design of trading. You have to learn what works best for you based on your strategies as well as trading style.