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Which Is The Best Stock Picking Service?

Aria Thomas

Aug 30, 2022 11:04


Numerous investors prefer to pay for a stock-picking membership to assist them in researching potential investments. There are multiple newsletters, stock-picking subscriptions, and financial information websites aimed at assisting individuals who wish to purchase specific stocks to make sound judgments.

If you're new to investing or don't want to spend your free time studying stocks, a stock selection service or stock information website subscription may offer you the edge you need to start or grow a profitable portfolio of growth stocks.

What Is A Stock Picking Service?

Stock picking services are advice from financial institutions and seasoned investors that assist you in making more educated judgments regarding which stocks to invest in. As an investor, it increases your confidence in your choices and can help you increase your returns.

Usually, you will have to pay for these recommendations. Still, most stock picking services available today are economical and quite inexpensive compared to the returns you may get on your investments.

By subscribing to a service, you will receive newsletters or access to a platform where financial sector experts exchange in-depth analyses. And a stock picking service might be an excellent complement to any stock screeners you already use to examine firms.


"stock picking service," "stock picking subscription," and "stock picking website" are frequently used interchangeably. Typically, a newsletter refers to an email or printed publication, such as a magazine or newspaper.

Subscriptions may include smartphone applications, exclusive website access, or newsletters. Focus less on the terms and more on the features of various services.

The advice provided in stock newsletters is not tailored to each individual subscriber. Consult a financial professional if you desire personalized guidance. Materials should be objective, not promotional.

Advantages of A Stock Picking Service

There are numerous benefits to using a reliable stock picking service. The ability to gain money by identifying stocks that are undervalued by the market and access to experts and their research is perhaps the most obvious advantage.


Having someone else conduct the research and analysis on your behalf allows you to focus on other tasks. In addition, it includes educational tools that might assist you in gaining market knowledge and becoming a better investor.


You can leverage the experience of the analysts making the recommendations, which is another important advantage of employing a stock picking service. Frequently, these experts have spent years perfecting their stock market expertise, and they know what to look for when selecting stocks.

Objective Decision Making

Maintaining objectivity when making investment decisions can be tough, but it is crucial for stock market success. A reliable stock selection service can help you preserve objectivity by providing objective information and analysis.

Why Utilize A Stock Picking Service?

The primary purpose of a stock picking service is to assist you in selecting which stocks to invest in (ok, duh). You must still make your own decision and conduct more study, but a stock picking service can help you narrow your options so that you are not examining the entire stock market.

This is the most crucial aspect of your overall investment plan if you invest in individual stocks.

Not every stock recommended by a stock picking service should be purchased, and you should instead use the stock-picking service's suggestions as a starting point. A filter, if you will.

Once you have compiled a list of suitable stocks to purchase, it will be time to conduct your own study. Certainly, a stock picking service or several may recommend a particular company. However, this does not necessarily imply that it belongs in your portfolio.

You must still analyze how a specific company fits within your portfolio. For instance, if another technology stock is recommended and 25% of your portfolio is already invested in technology stocks, you may not want to invest in the last recommendation because it would make your allocation too heavy on technology.

You will also need to investigate the company's operations and future prospects in detail. A service such as TipRanks, which aggregates analyst recommendations and other data, might be useful when conducting financial research on the company.

For instance, you must be aware of the company's history of sales growth. Profit growth is also essential; however, many recommended startups may not succeed initially. Nonetheless, you will need to know when management anticipates profitability.

Clearly, stock picking services are intended for those who acquire individual stocks, particularly those who wish to outperform the market. They will not be of much use to fund investors, as the stock selection is an integral aspect of each fund manager's service.

What Should You Look for in A Stock Picking Service?

Choosing the best stock picking service requires some investigation. However, there are critical variables you may use to determine the top stock picking services available.

Track Record

Determine the performance of the service's suggestions over time. How do their returns compare to those of the entire market? If this information is unavailable or if they have a history of making subpar selections, you may wish to avoid them.


Not everyone is qualified as an institutional investor, and high-net-worth individuals have access to opportunities not available to the general public. Ensure that the selected stock picking service does not recommend deals you cannot execute.

Institutional investors may have access to the same stocks at lower prices, making the suggestions profitable for them while resulting in losses for regular investors.


Obviously, you do not want to save money on a stock-picking service and receive poor recommendations. However, remember that the more money you spend on a service, the more you'll need to generate to break even.

Ensure that your expenditure does not exceed your income. If two services provide identical advice, take the less-priced one.

Learning Opportunities

Numerous stock picking firms provide educational materials that can assist you in becoming a more competent investor. Peruse them at your leisure, but don't pass up the chance to expand your knowledge of investment.

Best Stock Picking Services


Beninga, Inc. owns Marketfy, a company situated in Detroit, Michigan. Marketfy is a curated marketplace that connects investors interested in learning about the stock market with businesses that offer financial education, news, and analysis. Everything listed on the website is thoroughly inspected to ensure that only the highest quality resources are available for purchase.

Marketfy distinguishes out among the other stock tipping services and websites that we have researched. The scope of each site's material varies, but the vast majority provide readers with access to a vast array of financial news and research.

In certain instances, users can link their portfolios directly to the applications they employ, making it easier to conduct research and keep track of their investments in a single location. Marketfy, on the other hand, is a financial research and trading alert service aggregator comparable to websites you may see when searching for an automobile insurance policy. They earn money by promoting the products and services of other financial service businesses, earning them the moniker "mavens." When you sign up for one of the mavens' services, it's logical to assume that Marketfy makes a profit.

Marketfy experts are accessible through a variety of channels, and we counted approximately 20 of them upon check-in. Among the companies are those that disseminate news and analysis to aid investors in making sound trading decisions. Trade alerts notify individuals when particular market conditions are satisfied. Typically, notifications are set up for economic developments, stock price fluctuations, and other financial measures. Even though the timing is not everything in stock trading, it contributes significantly to success.

Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading is one of the greatest websites for stock picking. Ross Cameron and his staff do an exceptional job instructing novice traders. In contrast to the wizard of Oz, they do not hide behind a curtain and conduct daily transactions in real-time.


Ross and his crew provide subscribers with access to their trading screens. This makes it simple to track his stock selections and decisions. Their brand-new chat room software provides access to the audio and video broadcast. You may view and hear their transactions in real-time. When Ross chooses a stock or conducts a deal, you will be able to view and hear it live on your computer.

Additionally, Ross provides follow-up films daily. How much do these daily recap videos cost to watch? Nothing! They are freely accessible on YouTube and other free trade education sessions. Additionally, Warrior Trading provides a daily stock watchlist distributed to newsletter subscribers daily.

The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool was started in the early 1990s and has remained an industry leader ever since. David and Tom Gardner, the company's founders and brothers, currently run the business. They have authored multiple books, hosted podcasts, and are prominent investors.

The Stock Advisor program is one of The Motley Fool's most popular offerings; it assists investors in selecting stocks that are worth purchasing and holding for at least five years.


Annually, the program costs $199. However, the first year is discounted to $99. There is also a $39 option for one month to test out the service. Furthermore, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Trade Ideas Premium Plan

The Trade Ideas Premium Plan employs an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant to aid subscribers with researching potentially profitable investments. Each night, before opening the markets, the AI assistant simulates more than one million trades utilizing over seventy algorithms.

The scan results, which real people curate prior to becoming official stock choices on the Trade Ideas platform, contain:

  • The process used to select the stock.

  • The reasons why it may perform well.

  • Information on how to locate comparable stocks.

A live simulated reading room enables customers to observe the performance of the stock-picking service's recommendations risk-free. Users have access to ideas streaming in real-time to facilitate skill development.

The Trade Ideas Premium Plan includes price alerts, a weekly newsletter called Trade of the Week, five new trade ideas every Sunday night, a virtual trading room based on a set of rules designed for both active traders and long-term investors, and a fully functional AI assistant named Holly that can be linked to your own brokerage account to execute trades automatically.

Stock Rover

Stock Rover is one alternative to consider when searching for a stock selection service. It can integrate with your existing brokerage account and evaluate your existing portfolio to help you identify growth prospects.

Custom stock screeners are one of the primary advantages Stock Rover has over its competitors. You can select from over 140 pre-made displays or create your own. The screens are constructed based on several investing techniques and so satisfy a wide variety of stock requirements. Additionally, Stock Rover provides hundreds of data, including efficiency, financial standing, and ratings. Unfortunately, it does not provide access to cryptocurrencies.

Stock Rover has a limited free plan available. The Essentials Plan costs $79.99 for one year or $139.99 for two years. This grants you access to more than 8,500 stocks, 260+ financial measures, five years of financial history, brokerage integration, and many other features. Premium ($179.99 per year or $319.99 for two years) grants access to 90 more measures, ten years of financial history, advanced alerts, and phone alerts with priority. Premium Plus ($279.99 a year or $479.99 for two years) provides 300 additional metrics, custom metrics, equation screening, investor alerts, ratio charts, and additional analytic tools.

For an extra $49.99, thorough research studies on over 7,000 North American businesses are now available.

TOP 1 Markets

TOP1 Markets is a trading platform for cryptocurrencies, FX, stocks, commodities, and indices. It provides the TOP1 and MT5 trading platforms for purchasing, selling, and trading multiple assets. Economic calendar, analyst, investment bank order placement, and additional tools to aid in the development of trading strategies. Also connects brokers with partnership and affiliate programs. The program is accessible on iOS and Android platforms. TOP1 Markets is an award-winning community-based trading platform year after year.


IBD Leaderboard

IBD Leaderboard is Investors Business Daily's premium stock-picking service.

This service's stock recommendations are based on the CAN SLIM® Investing System, which famed investor William O'Neil pioneered.

IBD Leaderboard is an exceptional service for technical traders who favor chart analysis over fundamental analysis. While the stock recommendations involve basic analysis, the technical charts and annotations are what truly set this service apart.

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha provides investors with both free and premium content. Their premium service is designed for more experienced investors and contains a variety of news, recommendations, research, and analysis to assist track the market and choosing the finest stocks to invest in.

Regardless of which service you choose, they provide options for investors who seek rapid picks as well as those who like to conduct their own studies.

Users of Seeking Alpha have access to thousands of diverse perspectives on various stocks, including analyses from a variety of experts and traders. Users can form a more well-rounded assessment of a stock's value if they can view a variety of viewpoints about it.


Users may also check how Seeking Alpha authors performed in the past, allowing them to quickly choose which perspective is the most credible.

Other services include:

  • An exclusive newsletter.

  • A VIP editorial concierge.

  • A pro screener.

  • A list of recommended top ideas.

Paying for Premium would also reduce website advertisements.


Zacks has earned a reputation as a dependable source of stock data, so for investors seeking an edge in stock picking, Zacks' free stock screener contains nearly everything investors need to make timely and informed stock selections. Because of this, we recommend Zacks as the best free stock screener.

In addition to providing hundreds of indicators, one of Zacks' primary features is the option for users to enter their own segmentation criteria. You enter a customized value or range as a filter, allowing for more accurate screening results. Additionally, the broad earnings per share (EPS) indicators allow you to examine a company's relative performance relative to its EPS history in greater detail.

Except for a few of its more complex features, the free plan includes all of its features. With a Zacks Premium membership at $249 per year, you can delve deeper with more than 45 predefined screens or use the Custom Screener to find the top Zacks Rank stocks that match your unique interests and trading style, such as Value, Growth, Momentum, or Income. With a free 30-day membership, you can test out Zacks Premium Screener in addition to a number of other potent tools and research.

Pilot Trading

Pilot Trading employs psychology-based AI algorithms that predict when asset prices will change direction rather than merely displaying their existing patterns. They connect directly to a number of brokerage accounts for in-app trading, making trading even quicker and simpler.

Pilot Trading is distinguished by the variety of assets it covers. In addition to stocks, they also cover trends and expected swing points for futures, forex, and cryptocurrencies. And if you're new to trading any of these assets, Pilot Trading provides a practice account for paper trading.

Best of all, Pilot Trading eschews the astronomical subscription fees that many rivals demand. They charge $19.95 per month for access to all of their features. No upselling and no separate pricing for additional features; only one affordable price for all users.


Since its inception in 2007, FINVIZ's stock screener has been a favorite among investors. But what sets it apart for swing traders is its extensive tools, including real-time data, interactive charts, pre-market data, and backtesting with years of historical data. FINVIZ is an excellent stock for all sorts of investors and traders, but it is our top selection for swing trading.

FINVIZ is an abbreviation for Financial Visualizations, which refers to the innovative and captivating manner it presents data, making it simple and enjoyable to browse. Users can access a stock chart in the screener by hovering over the stock symbol. However, their true claim to fame is that they packed their screener with numerous handy tools and functions. Its Elite screener is a potent research instrument that provides access to real-time data, complex charting, pre-market data, configurable filters, and data export options.

Its charts are interactive, allowing users to pinpoint certain data points or examine a stock's relative strength indicator using a crosshair cursor. You can also compare the performance of a stock to that of the S&P 500 index. Everything is saved to your portfolio, and the screener can be used for up to 100 portfolios, and 200 presets.


FINVIZ is an outstanding value of $39.50 per month or $299 per year. A free plan is also available. However, the data is not real-time. This may be acceptable if you are primarily a buy-and-hold investor or if you put up your swing trades before or after the market opens.


Picking the right stocks may appear difficult, but it doesn't have to be with the proper resources and assistance.

If you're looking for a stock-picking service, there are options for every type of investor. Some services provide both advice on what to purchase and when to sell, as well as access to vast amounts of raw data.

The same rules apply if you intend to buy and hold or trade hourly. Once you've discovered the ideal stock picking service, you'll be well on your way to establishing a successful investment career.