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The 7 Best Spread Betting Platform UK

Skylar Williams

Jul 05, 2022 14:47

Spread betting permits the investment of modest quantities of money in exchange for the possibility of enormous rewards. Spread betting brokers enable traders to speculate on financial markets by making wagers rather than buying or selling stocks, commodities, indices, and currency pairings. Spread betting earnings are exempt from U.K. capital gains tax since trades are structured as bets. We have evaluated, compared, and analyzed the top spread betting brokers in the United Kingdom to assist you in selecting the most suitable account for your trading approach.

What is spread betting?

Spread betting is a trading method that permits speculation on the price movement of several financial assets. By spread betting, a trader wagers on whether the price of a certain financial instrument will increase or decrease. Spread betting does not entail the purchase or sale of the underlying asset; hence spread betters do not enjoy the rights and advantages connected with these instruments, such as dividends on stocks and bonds.

Similar to the conventional stock market, spread betting has two price quotes: Buy price (bid price) and Sell price (asking price) (asking price). The difference between these prices is referred to as the Spread, thus the term spread-betting. A spread bet is the amount of money you intend to wager per point of movement on a transaction. If the market swings in your favor, your earnings will rise. Multiplying the pip change (the difference between the trade's beginning and closing prices) by the spread bet's value yields your profit from the wager. Spreadbetters have access to leverage, and spread betting earnings are exempt from capital gains tax.

Spread betting utilizes derivative trading, which means investors do not touch the underlying asset, such as stocks and bonds, that they bid on. Spread bets wager on the fluctuating market value of an asset over time, based on broker agreements for that asset.

Brokers that provide this service trade straight from the spread, eliminating the need for fees, which is distinct from the majority of securities transactions.

Investors bid if they believe the price will climb enough to justify their time, or they ask if they believe the price will decrease sufficiently. Utilizing leverage, the ability to go long or short, some tax benefits, and extensive access to global markets.

What is the difference between financial and forex spread betting?

Financial spread betting is a derivative used to determine the rising or falling value of financial items, while forex spread betting involves the buying and selling of one currency for another.

Some individuals like spread betting since they do not have to take ownership of the commodity and may just make a wager on the product of their choice, which may be more tempting to novice traders.

You may use leverage to finish the deal if you choose to engage in forex spread betting over financial spread betting. Leverage enables you to finance the transaction by borrowing funds from investors or brokers.

The primary distinctions between financial spread betting and F.X. spread betting are as follows:

Forex trading is limited to currency-based trades and foreign exchange, while financial spread betting enables you to wager on a wider variety of markets.

In contrast to F.X., financial spread betting does not involve direct trades, and you must work directly with currency exchanges for F.X. transactions.

Depending on where you trade, financial spread betting may be exempt from taxation in certain regions. For instance, in the United Kingdom, wagers are not subject to taxation.

When engaging in forex trading, you may use leverage and get funding from investors.

Spread betting vs CFD

Spread betting is a trading method that enables you to wager on the direction of a commodity's price. It does not entail the purchase or sale of the underlying asset, and gains are not subject to taxation.

In contrast, CFDs are derivatives of several financial products. By trading CFDs, you are effectively purchasing and selling contracts that reflect the value and price of certain financial instruments without actually acquiring the asset itself.

CFDs and spread betting have several similarities, including the availability of leverage. Both are derivatives of financial goods, and neither requires ownership of the underlying asset.

However, their tax status differs dramatically since spread betting earnings are not subject to capital gains tax.

Can one earn money with spread betting?

Yes, it is possible to profit from spread betting.

Spread betting is a trading strategy that provides a diverse selection of markets. Your profit margin is determined by accurately anticipating the price movement of the tradable assets and selling at the optimal time.

The ability to wager on every price movement of an asset distinguishes spread betting from conventional betting. For instance, if you wager £1 per point on an asset with a value of £100 and it falls to £0, you may lose up to £100. Alternatively, if you put the same wager and it reaches 500, you may win up to £400.

Finding an easy-to-use broker is crucial when selecting the best spread betting platform for you. You must also consider the liquidity, research tools, instructional material, and variety of markets offered. Before opening an account with any broker, it is important to take your time and do some research.

Golden guidelines for intraday trading with spread betting

Every game has its rules, and spread betting is no exception if you want to earn money. The following are some of the golden guidelines you must adhere to in order to benefit from spread betting day trading.

Follow the trend

This needs you to simply follow the market movement and recognize when to exit.

The key to generating a profit is to follow the market's movement and exit at the optimal time. For example, a declining chart continues to decline, and you are aware that this situation will persist for some time before changing. Immediately, you must sell your assets.

Before making a move, you should wait for the chart to become more regular if it has an irregular shape, such as a zigzag pattern. The key to generating money is to focus on highly liquid assets, such as F.X. pairings and large indices.

Use stops and limits

Spread betting requires an awareness of what constitutes fair price changes in order to establish realistic entry and exit points. Establish a standard amount you are willing to lose on each deal. Risk management occurs when you adhere to your predetermined limits and employ stops to close lost trades.


A good trader invests time in sampling and analyzing several trends and charts. This assists in learning some of the fundamentals and patterns present while trading. In addition, it allows you access to a variety of available, diversified opportunities. You may hold positions in indices, commodities, foreign exchange, and stocks.

Profits and losses will be less of a mystery if you've located some solid open situations. Thus, you may acquire the art of closing positions, which is the only skill that counts. You may generate substantial gains by closing the proper trade at the right time.

What are the best techniques to limit the risks of spread betting?

A few techniques may be employed to reduce the negative effects of spread betting high leverage.

Traditional stop-loss orders: Stop-loss orders limit risk by automatically closing a transaction when the market falls below a certain price level. This may, for instance, be 1 percent of your whole investing capital. Nonetheless, execution inefficiencies may cause the deal to close below the trigger price, especially if the market becomes very volatile.

Guaranteed stop-loss: this sort of stop-loss ensures that your transaction will close at a predetermined price level, regardless of market volatility. You are charged an extra broker fee for this service.

Arbitrage, in which two simultaneous bets are placed in opposite directions, is a more complex method of mitigating spread betting risks.

Best spread betting platform UK


I.G. received "best spread betting broker" in our 2022 awards because its spread betting platform remains the finest. In addition to establishing the idea of financial spread betting in 1974, I.G. provides access to most markets with the highest liquidity and is (as of April 22, based on market capitalization) the largest spread betting broker with a market capitalization of over £3.5 billion.

Spread betting is available on more than 17,000 markets with I.G., including 51 F.X. pairs, 38 commodities, 34 indices, and over 10,000 UK and foreign stocks.

I.G.'s spread betting platform is distinguished by its ability to wager on smaller-cap shares, trade IPOs pre-market through its "grey market," and its liquidity. I.G.'s liquidity may be superior to that of the underlying exchange. Thus you can place and be filled on big orders utilizing I.G.'s internal liquidity even when the exchange order book lacks sufficient volume.

Despite the fact that I.G. internalizes order flow, they do not benefit from customer losses. Instead, they hedge or match order flow and operate with symmetrical tolerance levels. Thus, if you place a spread bet limit order and the market swings in your favor before it is executed, you will get a superior fill.

When compared to other spread betting brokers, I.G.'s spreads are consistently competitive and often market-leading, particularly for the main instruments. However, I.G.'s ability to continuously innovate and add value to its spread betting platform is where it earns business. Autochartist and PIAfirst provide trading signals, but I.G. goes one step further by facilitating the execution of these signals and integrating dealing tickets. I.G. provides an excellent post-trade analytics option that may show you where you are profitable or not, and they do a vast amount of study and research based on platform data about what their customers are trading.


In 2006, the FxPro broker was founded in Cyprus. FxPro is regulated by financial authorities such as CySEC in Cyprus, the SCB in the Bahamas, the FCA in the U.K., and the FSCA in South Africa. FxPro services retail and institutional customers in more than 170 countries. The FxPro broker allows traders to trade over 70 currency pairs, futures, and stocks. The organization has access to equity indices, metals, and energy resources. FxPro provides a high level of security by holding customer cash in major international institutions. They are collateralized and do not contribute to the broker's equity.

FxPro combines the widely-known MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader trading platforms, as well as its own customized trading platform for spread betting dubbed FxPro Edge to provide its customers with an exceptional trading experience. This broker protects clients against negative balances. Additionally, FxPro provides very low spreads beginning at 0.1 pips and an average EURUSD spread of 0.5 pips.


Pepperstone is one of the most well-regarded trading platforms for expert forex, CFD, and spread betting traders.

Pepperstone is appropriate for seasoned traders who have already developed clear tactics and interface knowledge.

This renowned spread betting broker, for example, allows you to trade using cTrader, MT4, and MT5 - all of which are external trading platforms that you can link to your Pepperstone trading account.

Each of these platforms provides an array of advanced trading tools, customizable charts, and technical indicators that conform to industry standards. Pepperstone is interoperable with tens of thousands of instruments across a variety of asset classes. Discover anything from stocks and shares, foreign exchange, indices, natural gas, and energy to U.S. Treasuries (all instruments are CFDs).

Moreover, Pepperstone's spread betting commissions differ depending on the account type. Spread bets incur zero percent charges on basic accounts, and all fees are included in the spread itself. In contrast, "Raw" accounts provide zero spreads on the bulk of markets but cost around £2 each slide. And financing options include PayPal, credit/debit cards, and bank transfers.


Capital.com is a jack-of-all-trades in the online brokerage industry, as the platform offers forex, spread betting, and CFD markets. Regarding the latter, this encompasses tens of thousands of spread betting markets across several asset classes.

Capital.com, for instance, provides access to more than 2,400 share markets if you're interested in tax-free profits via stock trading. This includes not just shares listed on the London Stock Exchange and AIM, but also an abundance of foreign marketplaces.

This includes markets in the United States, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, and a large portion of Europe, among others. If forex spread betting is your way, Capital.com offers a variety of major, minor, and exotic currency pairings. This United Kingdom spread betting platform also excels in commodity trading, and this contains everything from precious metals to petroleum and natural gas. Regardless of the spread betting market that interests you, Capital.com is a broker that charges no commissions. This implies that the spread is the sole trading charge incurred when placing an order.

For instance, all markets provide both buy and sell positions, allowing investors to benefit from both increasing and declining asset values. You may also leverage your spread bets, allowing you to trade with more capital than your account balance allows. According to U.K. rules, this is limited to a maximum of 1:30 on major currency pairings and less on other assets.

If this is your first time utilizing a platform for online spread betting, Capital.com is one option to consider. This is due to the fact that the minimum deposit is just £20, which may be made using a U.K. debit/credit card or e-wallet. Lastly, Capital.com is a platform for spread betting that is strictly regulated and licensed by the FCA.

CMC Markets 

CMC Markets is a pioneering, award-winning broker that began operations in 1989. Since the U.K.'s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates the broker's trading activity, there is no question that your money is secure.

CMC Markets offers more than 9,000 tradable CFD and spread betting products, such as stocks, currencies, commodities, indices, ETFs, and government bonds. This provides you with a number of possibilities, hence expanding your investing prospects.

The intuitive Next Generation design of CMC Markets' trading platform makes it simple to use and adaptable to your trading preferences. The spread betting mobile app is compatible with all mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and Android, so you can continue trading on the go. The CMC Markets app excels because it provides several real-time charting tools and a live market calendar with push notifications.

CMC Markets is the top MT4 spread betting software in the United Kingdom due to its superior MT4 platform and inexpensive spreads. On the other hand, stock CFD fees are rather expensive.

Although customer assistance is accessible 24 hours a day, five days a week, it is among the most responsive we've met. You may contact them by email, phone, and live chat if you have an account or trading issues.

City Index

The City Index broker was established in London in 1983. This broker also offers spread betting to customers. The FCA in the United Kingdom, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) all license and regulate City Index. Due to the fact that respected financial bodies govern it, it may be deemed secure.

City Index allows its customers to trade Forex, CFDs on stocks, indices, commodities, metals, cryptocurrencies, and spread bets using MetaTrader 4, Web Trader, and a mobile app.

This broker offers spreads as low as 0.5 pips, with an average EURUSD spread of 0.69 pips. In addition, there are no commissions on spread betting, with the exception of the spread.

Additionally, City Index offers a sample account that allows novices to test methods with $10,000 in free currency, although the demo account is only free for 12 weeks.


Spreadex is an outstanding internet broker that has been in business since 1999. This broker offers customers access to more than 3,500 trading assets, including Forex, CFDs, bonds, indices, commodities, and ETFs. Spreadex is a United Kingdom-based company governed by the FCA.

Spreadex is primarily focused on providing its players with many betting alternatives, including spread betting and C.D.s. It also enables users to wager on various sporting events and online casinos.

It lacks a sample account and spread betting on stock price movements, but its $2 minimum investment makes it appealing to many traders.

Final thoughts

Spread betting is a speculative kind of investing that must be closely monitored. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned investor, the mini-reviews above will help you select the platform that best suits your needs. Once you've selected a broker, we recommend further testing to see if it suits your trading activity. Remember that spreading betting in the United Kingdom is illegal unless you use a registered and regulated broker. Therefore, pick wisely.