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Best Stocks for Covered Calls to Invest in 2022

Hamilton Springfield

Aug 05, 2022 15:43

Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 3.38.35 PM.png

A covered call is the most advantageous stock position if the stock climbs to the strike price, allowing the long stock position to generate a profit. Concurrently, the sold option expires worthless, allowing the call writer to collect the entire price.

When you own 100 shares of a stock and subsequently sell a call option against it, you have executed a covered call. A bullish strategy is the covered call. You should invest in large-cap stocks that are of excellent quality and unlikely to fail. You should avoid stocks with a high beta, as they are volatile. You do not want them to make random, large declines. Rely on well-known and actively traded firms, since they will have greater liquidity. If your stock meets these requirements, you will almost surely be able to trade the finest stocks for covered calls. Selling covered calls on dividend-paying stocks is also a sound investment strategy.

The majority of covered call and cash-secured put investors will have access to a universe of fundamentally sound equities. Then, they check their technical once each week to see if anything has been put up. You can choose companies from the Dow Jones Index (DIA), Nasdaq 100 (QQQ), S & P 100 (OEF), and Investor Business Daily 50 list (FFTY), as well as prominent exchange-traded funds (ETFs), if you are a new investor in the stock market (such as ARKK). Please read our evaluations to have a better understanding of how FinViz and Barchart's free tools operate.

What Is A Covered Call?

A covered call consists of shares of the underlying stock and a call option on that stock. In a covered call, you sell the call option while holding the underlying stock. For a premium paid to the seller, covered calls permit the buyer to acquire the underlying stock at a certain price and within a defined time frame. The premium is the primary reason why many investors select this technique. Numerous stock counseling firms propose a small number of the best stocks to its clients and users.

These situations are possible at maturity of the covered call:

  • The current share price is lower than the strike price.

  • The option has expired, and no further action is necessary.

  • The current share price is higher than the strike price.

When an option is exercised, your shares are sold automatically at the strike price. The premium for the call option has already been paid to the seller, regardless of the situation. As a result, the purchaser of a covered call accepts this risk. Using stock signals, you may grasp the market without wasting time on technical research, therefore save your time. To maximize the value of purchasing a covered call option, you should:

  • When the stock price reaches your chosen level, you will sell.

  • When a major price increase is anticipated in response to significant corporate news

How To Pick The Best-Covered Call Stocks?

In a covered call transaction, the underlying stock, the duration, and the strike are all crucial elements. Before choosing the finest covered call stocks, it is necessary to consider all three variables. Depending on your investing methods, you must consider the following when choosing the finest covered call stocks:

  • Because the performance of the stock will decide the return on investment, pick stocks for your portfolio. It will be difficult to generate a profit from a declining stock price.

  • Consider if the premium you're paying for a covered call transaction is worth the risk you're taking.

Best Stocks for Covered Calls 

Oracle (NYSE: ORCL)

Oracle is an information technology firm best known for its Java-based software and services. Oracle's four primary business categories - cloud and licensing, hardware, and services - market cloud engineering services and systems as well as database management systems. Stocks of semiconductor manufacturers are among the most lucrative investments.

Oracle announced second-quarter revenues of $10,4 billion, a 6 percent increase over the previous quarter. Within Oracle's revenue-generating categories, cloud services and licence support sales grew by 6%, cloud licensing and on-premise licence revenues grew by 13%, and Non-GAAP profits per share grew by 14% to $1.21. The company's infrastructure and cloud-based application businesses have expanded by 22%, resulting in these excellent results.

Oracle has a market worth of $75.97 billion billion dollars. The stock is presently trading at $75.97 per share. CNN Money reports that experts anticipate a 12-month price range of $126 to $83, with an average price forecast of $105.

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Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFZR)

Pfizer Inc. is a global biopharmaceutical research firm. The company discovers, develops, manufactures, markets, sells, and distributes biopharmaceutical products. Pharmaceuticals and vaccines are part of the company's global offering. Discover the best vaccine stocks to purchase now.

Recent release of the corporation's fourth-quarter report for 2021 revealed remarkable financial performance. The overall income increased by 106 percent from the previous year to $23.8 billion. The reported adjusted profit per share was $1.08.

The global pharmaceutical stock market has experienced considerable expansion in recent years. Pfizer is placed second among big biopharma companies and fourth on Fortune's list of the world's most admired enterprises, according to a patient perspective worldwide poll. In addition, by 2021, the company's vaccinations and pharmaceuticals will have touched 1,4 billion people.

The biopharmaceutical industry anticipates record revenues of $98 billion to $102 billion in 2022, with EPS objectives between $6.35 and $6.55. In addition, Pfizer's excellent balance sheet and anticipated near-term free cash flow growth should allow it to sustain dividend increases and seek new business development.

The projected market value of Pfizer is around $264 billion. The stock of the firm is presently trading at $46.94. CNN Money reports that analysts forecast a 12-month price aim of $76, a minimum of $49, and a median target price of $57.

Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD)

The company Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. is headquartered in the United States. One of the company's sectors is Computing & Graphics, which includes desktop and laptop CPUs, discrete and integrated graphics processing units (GPUs), data center and professional GPUs, and development services.

The categories Enterprise, Embedded, and Semi-Custom encompass server and embedded CPUs, semi-custom SoC devices, development services, and gaming console technology. The company has just issued its annual report for the year 2021, which reveals record sales of $16.4 billion, up 68 percent from the previous year, and a gross margin of 48 percent. In addition, the company's profitability increased dramatically, with a net income of $3.2 billion and profits per share of $2.57.

In addition, operating cash flow grew by 229 percent annually to $3.5 billion. AMD declared record-breaking free cash flow of $3.2 billion, up 314% from the prior year.

The fiscal year 2022 has an optimistic outlook. AMD forecasts a 31 percent gain in sales and a 51 percent improvement in gross margin. $200 billion is the market capitalization of Advanced Micro Devices. Currently, the company's stock is trading at $123. CNN Money reports that analysts forecast a 12-month price objective of $246, a minimum price target of $100, and a median price target of $156.

Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F)

Ford Motor Company, an American manufacturer, manufactures, markets, and serves a range of Ford trucks, SUVs, automobiles, and Lincoln luxury vehicles. The enterprise is organized into three divisions:

This division is responsible for the design, production, distribution, and maintenance of Ford and Lincoln automobiles, as well as their components and accessories.

Mobility includes mostly of Ford's autonomous vehicle development and associated companies.

Ford Credit: This division consists, on a consolidated basis, of Ford Credit operations, which primarily involve car financing and leasing services.

The company has revealed its fourth-quarter earnings for fiscal year 2021. The revenue generated was $37.7 billion, a 5 percent increase from the prior year due to the increased net price and enhanced mix. Earnings per share amounted to $0.26. Stocks for long-term investments have garnered a great deal of attention.

In the next year, the business hopes to capitalize on new growth opportunities. The company has goals for a worldwide battery capacity of 240GWh by the end of the decade and has invested $11.4 billion in BlueOval City and BlueOval SK Battery Park to create electric F-Series pickups and advanced batteries. Ford Motors is also on schedule to triple annual BEV production to 600,000 by 2023, with the goal of becoming the leading BEV manufacturer in the United States.

Ford Motor Company's market capitalization exceeds $70 billion. The price per share of the corporation's stock is now $17.56. CNN Money reports that analysts forecast a 12-month price objective of $30, a minimum price target of $13, and a median price target of $22.5.

ConocoPhillips (NYSE: COP)

ConocoPhillips is a worldwide company that discovers, produces, trades, and transports crude oil, bitumen, natural gas, and natural gas liquids.

According to ConocoPhillips's fourth-quarter report for the year 2021, the company achieved tremendous operational performance. For the benefit of its shareholders, the business produced exceptional returns on capital and executed two major, highly accretive acquisitions in the heart of the Permian Basin. The company recorded an adjusted profit of $8 billion, or $2.27 per share. In addition, ConocoPhillips paid out $2.4 billion in cash dividends to its shareholders. The firm earned a 14 percent Return on Capital Employed and produced $10,400,000,000 in free cash flow.

Additionally, ConocoPhillips aims to invest $7.2 billion in capital expenditures in 2022. Daily oil equivalent production is 1.8 million barrels. The business just acquired the Permian Basin holdings of Shell for $9.5 billion in cash.

ConocoPhillips stock is currently trading at $94.86 per share. The value of the shares on the market is $94.86. CNN Money analysts forecast a 12-month price goal of $128, a minimum of $77, and a median of $106.

Verizon Communication (NYSE: VZ)

  • Verizon Communications is a global leader in providing technology and communications services. It is separated into consumer and corporate categories. Technology stocks are an excellent investment opportunity.

  • Verizon Consumer Group provides consumers with cellular and wireline communications services and products.

  • Verizon Business Group – The Verizon Business segment provides wireless and wireline communications services and products, in addition to video and data services, corporate networking solutions, security and managed network services, local and long-distance voice services, and network access, in order to deliver a variety of Internet of Things (IoT) services and products.

The company presented its earnings report for the fourth quarter, which revealed positive financial performance. The company's earnings reached $34.1 billion, a decrease of 1.8% from the previous year. The company's profits per share increased 8.3 percent from the prior year to $1.31.

During the quarter, 11.4 million wireless postpaid devices were activated, as well as 1.1 million wireless retail postpaid net additions, 6.7 million wireless postpaid upgrades, and 47,000 wireless retail account net additions.

The company's 2022 outlook is optimistic and progressive. Verizon forecasts a 1 percent to 1.5 percent rise in service and other revenues, and a 9 percent to 10 percent increase in total wireless revenues.

Verizon has a market capitalization of almost $225 billion. The stock is presently trading at $53.67 per share. CNN Money reports that analysts forecast a 12-month price target of $71, a minimum of $52, and a median of $58.5. Electric car stocks are one of the numerous potential investment possibilities.

Devon Energy (NYSE: DVN)

Devon Energy is a large U.S. oil and gas producer with a diversified portfolio that includes a world-class presence in the Delaware Basin. The disciplined cash-return business model of Devon prioritizes safe and sustainable operations while earning excellent returns, generating free cash flow, and reinvesting firm resources. According to the CEO, these concepts have enabled Devon to become a prominent and consistent economic value creator throughout the cycle. Learn about the companies at the forefront of the cryptocurrency mining business.

The firm has issued its financial and operational results for the fourth quarter of 2021. The corporation achieved total earnings of $4.3 billion and net earnings of $1.4 billion. The company's profits per share were $2.23. The corporation's liquidity is substantial, with $2.3 billion in cash on hand and a more favorable debt situation. By the end of December 2021, the company's debt had been decreased by $1.2 billion, resulting in a net debt to equity ratio of 0.8. Devon Energy has paid dividends for the past 29 consecutive years. The company has announced a dividend of $1 per share for the current quarter.

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The firm is well-positioned for significant expansion in 2022. With total production expected between 570 and 600 MBOED, Devon Energy is well-positioned for a good free cash flow yield.

Devon Energy has a market value of $39.55 billion. The stock is presently trading at $59.55 per share. CNN Money reports that analysts anticipate the share price will reach a 12-month high of $70, a low of $60, and a consensus target price of $59.54.


NVIDIA is a manufacturer and developer of graphics cards and graphics processing units (GPUs). The organization manufactures supercomputing and AI acceleration graphics, general-purpose GPU (GPGPU) solutions, rack-mounted AI acceleration devices and GPGPU servers. NVIDIA provides some of the most well-known consumer graphics cards under the GeForce brand. NVIDIA GeForce is the world's most popular gaming platform, with over 200 million players.

Recently, NVIDIA's annual report for 2022 was revealed. The corporation's income increased by 53 percent from the previous year to $16.7 billion. The net income was $4.3 billion, and profits per share were $6.9, representing a 53 percent increase from the prior year. This year, NVIDIA's computer systems experienced a breakthrough year. As a result of the company's groundbreaking work in accelerated computing, gaming has become the most popular form of entertainment in the world, supercomputing has become accessible to all researchers, and artificial intelligence has become the most potent force in technology.

Gross margins are anticipated to range between 63.8% and 66.0% for the upcoming quarter. Revenue is anticipated to be around $5.3 billion.

The market capitalization of NVIDIA exceeds $607 billion. The stock is presently trading at $243.85 per share. CNN Money reports that analysts forecast a 12-month price goal of $400, a minimum of $210, and a median of $350. Cybersecurity equities are garnering investor attention due to their increased prominence.

The Bottom Line

In generally stable and predictable markets, dividend investors who do not consider selling covered calls may be missing out on a source of additional income. The risk associated with holding stocks in your portfolio can be mitigated by selling the best equities for covered calls. Covered call writing is a clever way to boost your income while shielding you from practically infinite losses if the price of your stock decreases.

In general, stocks priced below $10 and $5 are unsuitable candidates for the covered call strategy. Stick to large-cap blue chips, which have greater liquidity and promote more orderly markets. Consider subscribing to Benzinga's options newsletter if you want further assistance with market strategy. This book will provide you with up-to-date information on covered calls and other market-enhancing strategies.