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13 Best Stock Podcasts You Should Know As An Investor

Charlie Brooks

Aug 18, 2022 14:32

The podcast business has experienced an explosive expansion in recent years, and this growth has extended to investing in podcasts. Podcasts are an excellent tool for developing your investing approach. An abundance of instantly available, easily consumed, and free knowledge is a luxury that early investors could not have imagined. According to PodcastHosting.org, there are 1.5 billion podcasts worldwide as of October 2020.

Here are some investing podcasts to increase your stock investing expertise, learn from top financial gurus, or stay current on market-moving news. The finest podcasts about investing can teach you vital things.

Why Should You Listen to Stocks Podcasts?

If you are new to investing, the stock market, cryptocurrency, or hedge funds and wish to become financially savvy, you should listen to podcasts on stocks. According to a 1999-2020 stock investment survey by Statista, 55% of American adults had stock positions in 2020.

Investing in stocks gives you the potential to expand your capital and become financially secure, and investing podcasts are an excellent source of financial guidance. Listening to podcasts on stocks is also beneficial for business professionals who seek to remain current on financial and stock market news.

Keeping up with the most recent financial market situations is another essential skill for aspiring stockbrokers. A weekly podcast with solid advice on investment techniques and financial planning will assist you in identifying the best stock selections and achieving financial independence.

How Do We Determine Top Stock Podcasts?

We utilized six critical factors to determine which stock podcasts would be included on the list. We zeroed in on shows we considered engaging and whose content is simple to comprehend and implement in your everyday investing journey.

Additionally, we only included podcasts that we thought to be both distinctive and educational, hosted by professionals in the investing and personal finance fields. While each podcast has a unique combination of these measures, they all add to the overall worth of a financial podcast.


Let's face it. Finance is hardly the most alluring subject, and it can sometimes be downright boring. When it comes to financial podcasts, the hosts' entertainment abilities are key. Sometimes, something about the host's manner of speech draws your attention. In some cases, lighthearted interaction between co-hosts or the occasional joke is what keeps viewers coming back for more.

Digestible Content

Any trading professional can tell you everything you need to know about a difficult stock trading technique or technical indicator, but this does not guarantee that you will comprehend what they are saying. The best podcasts simplify some of the most difficult topics into easily digestible segments.

Effective Content

You will not leave any of these podcasts wondering, "Now what?" Every episode of every podcast featured provides you with actionable, day-to-day advice.

Educational Value

We are Money Crashers, the financial crash course. We must promote financial literacy, and we enjoy highlighting those who do the same. Each of the above podcasts teaches you something about investing or trading. In most circumstances, you can learn something new even if you're an expert.


There are innumerable investing and trading podcasts available, and many of them duplicate information you've heard a thousand times. The podcasts we've selected for our list all feature concepts that cannot be found elsewhere.

Host Backgrounds

Anyone is able to publish stuff, and it does not certify them as an expert.

We investigated the hosts and parent corporations of all mentioned shows. Every individual and organization openly linked with the podcasts is a reputable member of the financial community.

Best Stock Podcasts Shouldn’t Miss

The Stacking Benjamins Show

The Stacking Benjamins Show is ideal for learning about trading stocks. The Westwood One Podcast Network broadcasts the Stacking Benjamins Show every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with hosts Joe Saul-Sehy and Josh Bannerman, better known as The Other Guy or OG. The show is billed as a fantastic combination between fun and utility.

The Stacking Benjamins Show focuses on the following in addition to providing excellent podcasts for novice investors:

  • Banking

  • Life insurance

  • Debt products

  • Almost anything pertaining to investing may be found there

The Stacking Benjamins Show focuses as much on what not to do with your money as it does on what to do with it. Avoiding financial traps is sometimes just as crucial for beginners as achieving financial success.

Stock Club by MyWallSt

Stock Club is a podcast broadcast in-house by the Lead of Content and Publishing, James Dunne, our Chief Investment Officer, Emmet Savage, and our head analyst, Rory Carron. In our impartial opinion, this is the greatest available investing podcast. The team covers current market news, recommends stocks from our selection on MyWallSt, and demystifies the stock market with its glossary.

This podcast stands out from the rest on this list due to its applicability to investors of all experience levels. The gentlemen converse in a casual manner about current hot topics in the stock market, break down some of the stocks in our subscription program, and respond to questions about concepts or themes that novice investors may find scary. REITs can only be comprehended when stated in an Irish accent.

Join the MyWallSt investing team as they discuss the companies and techniques that influence their investing decisions.

The Ramsey Show

Organizing your own financial records is the greatest way to begin investing. The fastest way to achieve your financial goals is to get out of debt and learn to live within your means.

This program is motivational, informative, and also fun. Daily, Dave Ramsey imparts his knowledge to his listeners. He has assisted millions of Americans in escaping the debt rat race and leaving a lasting financial legacy.

All of this wonderful and uplifting optimism is embodied in the "debt-free shout." These are actual listeners who have discovered freedom by following Dave's method.

Despite the fact that I disagree with the recommendation to invest in growth stock mutual funds, I find it so practical for so many people's finances. Dave Ramsey imparts consistent sage advice regarding business, investing, money, and life. It absolutely belongs on this list of the best investing podcasts.


Each weekday, on Business Focus, a different Motley Fool expert discusses the news, headlines, and investing possibilities in their own industry. Consequently, this program focuses on healthcare, technology, energy, consumer products, and more. This podcast takes a similar approach to Motley Fool's other outstanding broadcasts, except each day, it focuses on a unique industry.

Those who are not actively involved in specific sectors frequently find it difficult to comprehend them. However, the show's industry specialists break down these businesses into understandable content, and they ensure that anyone without a background in these fields can comprehend them.

Above all, it's not merely conceptual. After listening to an episode, listeners are frequently given practical stock recommendations to explore and consider investing in.

Chit Chat Money

Chit Chat Money is a terrific casual investing podcast hosted by Brett Schaffer and Ryan Henderson. The two hosts are exceptionally well-read and are frequently accompanied by one or two stellar guests to discuss market happenings.

However, what distinguishes this podcast is its in-depth company analyses. This podcast will investigate a lesser-known public company twice each week, demonstrating high-level due diligence as they analyze an S1 or 10k, financials, leadership team, and market opportunity. The degree of depth and quality of analysis is unparalleled, and I've found the podcast to be an invaluable resource while conducting my own research. Recent in-depth analyses include Trade Desk, Skechers, and Alphabet.

Motley Fool Money

On Motley Fool Money, Chris Hill and other analysts from the Motley Fool examine the most significant business and stock investing news from the previous week. As part of their conversations, they convert news stories into potential positive and negative ramifications for investors. They also make stock recommendations that could profit from these news articles.

The reality is unless you're a finance, business, and investing fanatic like us, these topics can be dull and tedious. However, this is not the case with Motley Fool Money's crew. They offer insightful and actionable commentary on topical business news and investment prospects, and consequently, they are able to educate investors.

In addition, they do an excellent job of introducing listeners to industries and businesses that they may not have heard of before. As with any world-class performance, the audio quality is superior, and this facilitates a professional and pleasurable listening experience.

'Invest Like the Best' With Patrick O'Shaughnessy

Patrick O'Shaughnessy, host of "Invest Like the Best," is a well-respected Wall Street expert. He is the creator of O'Shaughnessy Asset Management, a firm that manages more than $4.4 billion in assets.

O'Shaughnessy encourages investors, CEOs, and business owners to discuss market conditions, investment techniques, and concepts that assist his readers in becoming better investors. In some episodes, O'Shaughnessy discusses specific stocks and provides insights from the company's leadership, while in others, he discusses the market as a whole.

Nevertheless, his in-depth investing philosophies have helped many achieve financial independence, and they will certainly continue to do so in the future.

Business Daily from BBC World Service

The BBC World Service publishes multiple daily news podcasts, such as this market recap. Each episode examines one market-related issue in depth, and you will hear opinions, reports, and interviews with experts.

This podcast is recommended for international equity investors. This should be all of you, thanks to the idea of diversification! Diversification is the investing equivalent of not putting all of your eggs in one basket by having a variety of asset classes, such as domestic and international stocks, stocks and bonds, or tech stocks and healthcare stocks.

Real Vision Daily Brief

Real Vision Daily Brief provides expert analysis of the day's business and investing-related events every day. Their team's mission is to assist listeners in better comprehending the worlds of finance, economics, and business in general.

Podcasts are a quick and free way to consume content. However, one of the potential drawbacks is that the content may be obsolete, and real Vision never presents such a situation. The show is recorded around 3:00–4:00 p.m. EST on weekdays and then released just hours later. Therefore, the information can be timely and relevant to the current market conditions and trends.

Guests of the highest caliber always join Ash and Ed. Together, they make it possible for every listener to comprehend the ever-changing and intricate world of macroeconomics.

The Canadian Investor

The average investor who takes stock selection seriously should also listen to and subscribe to this podcast. Braden and Simon teach key fundamentals such as Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIP), dollar cost averaging, diversification, and valuation.

The income statement and balance sheet breakdowns in episodes 6 and 7 are beneficial lessons for stock analysis.

Essential listening for any Canadian investor, this podcast also provides market news and emerging growth company analysis. Braden Dennis, the company's founder, seeks world-class enterprises that can serve as long-term compounding machines. Certainly a podcast worth listening to.

Listen to Money Matters

Over the past year, Listen Money Matters has been significantly less active. It appears, though, that it will return with its investing podcasts. This program's hosts are approachable, humorous, and boisterous. They provide "honest and unvarnished" financial advice to individuals who are fed up with counsel from the one percent.

A team with more than 35 years of combined experience in finance contributed to this podcast. All podcast information is data-driven and field-tested. The podcast aims to maximize the long-term risk-adjusted return on your investment capital.

Check out the Listen Money Matters podcast page for more information on this program. Check out this seven-step strategy for personal financial planning if you're interested in learning more about personal finance.

Anderson Business Advisors Podcast

Anderson Experts' financial, business and tax advisors broadcast the Anderson Business Advisors Podcast. Anderson Advisors works with investors around the United States and has in-depth investing of the most effective business, stock marketing, and real estate techniques, including rentals and flips.

Recently discussed podcast subjects include: How Underwriters Evaluate Loans to LLCs or Land Trusts; The Wholesaling Fix and Flip Formula; and How to Get Started in Multifamily (Property) Investing. This episode is full of useful information, whether your goal is to invest in real estate, the stock market, cryptocurrency, or simply reduce your tax liability.

Additionally, Anderson Advisors provides lengthier webinars and seminars on wealth creation. They have a staff of highly qualified and experienced tax specialists and financial consultants who can assist you in investing your alternatives for any given business or investment circumstance (including our very own Toby Mathis). With their advice, you will be able to select the course of action that creates the most income and the highest level of financial freedom. And it might all begin by simply listening to the weekly podcast where free financial advice is discussed.

Planet Money

In the aftermath of the Great Recession, while everyone was attempting to comprehend what had just occurred in the markets, Planet Money was created. Even after more than a decade, the show remains essential listening for investing fans.

Planet Money is not exclusively an investing program. NPR correspondents contextualize market and economic news in an easily digestible style. In order to show the intricacy of the global supply chain, reporters frequently conduct entertaining experiments such as buying and selling 100 barrels of oil or producing a T-shirt.

How to Choose The Best stock Podcast?

It is not beneficial to listen to an investing or trading podcast that does not teach you what you wish to learn; therefore, finding the ideal podcast for yourself is essential. Follow these procedures to pick the optimal alternative:

Consider What You Wish to Learn. Some podcasts cover long-term investing, while others cover short-term trading, market news, or CEO interviews. Consider the type of content you're interested in and locate a few podcasts that meet the bill.

Observe Several Episodes. Listen to a few episodes to determine the nature of the podcasts on your list.

Analyze the Episodes That You Listened To. Ask yourself if you gained any investment management knowledge and if you enjoyed listening to the programs. If so, you have located the appropriate investing or trading podcast. If not, return to Step 1 and repeat the process until success is achieved.


Investing podcasts are a great way to expand your knowledge of investing, whether that means investing in stocks, investing in real estate, starting a business, or just consistently depositing a percentage of your paycheck into a 401(k) with a company match in order to build a massive nest egg for early retirement.