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The 20 Best Books on Options Trading

Daniel Rogers

May 10, 2022 16:44

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Options trading is a sort of trading on the options market. An option is a contract that grants the buyer the right to buy or sell an asset at a specific price before a specified date. These alternatives are then used for speculation, income forecasting, and risk mitigation.


Many prefer options trading over stock trading because options traders can earn from a wide range of stock market outcomes. Moreover, options trading can be conducted with minimal risk. To determine if options trading is the best strategy for you to generate a profit, research what the pros have to say and how they've been successful with options trading. We have conducted extensive research to identify the best books on options trading.

1. Options as a Strategic Investment by Lawrence G. McMillan

In Options as a Strategic Investment, veteran trader and author Lawrence G. McMillan demonstrates how to maximize portfolio returns while avoiding risk.


This book provides newbie and seasoned investors with a solid understanding of the features and benefits of listed and non-equity options. This guide will help you become a more successful investor with its thorough explanations of tactics, buy and sell strategies, and in-depth analyses.


Written for readers with some experience with alternatives, the author explains how and why various strategies are implemented in multiple scenarios. The fifth edition was revised in 2012 to include more study guides and quizzes.

2. Options Trading Crash Course by Frank Richmond

This book provides a quick explanation of how options trading operates in the real business world and describes some basic strategies for trading options.


The options market is particularly tough to comprehend for rookie traders. If you wish to engage in options trading, you must understand the options market's underlying structure. In this book, the author explains several profitable trading strategies. It also teaches you to analyze market patterns, identify exceptional investment opportunities, and profit from them. After the book, you will find that comprehending the fundamental principles of the options market is not as challenging as it initially appears.

3. Trading Options For Dummies by Joe Duarte 

The book will assist you in selecting appropriate options and trading strategies based on your investment objectives. It will teach you how to conduct a cost-benefit analysis for developing a plan that will always be profitable regardless of market conditions.


If you are interested in studying the fundamental ideas and strategies of options trading, this book is regarded as one of the best. If you are a professional investor with some trading experience, this book will help you better understand new strategies, associated risk variables, and profit profiles. The author explains how options trading can be an effective risk management method. If you want to become a trader shortly, you may find the book's coverage of technical analysis, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and trading strategies valuable. Effectively, the author provides sufficient theories for rapid comprehension and application.

4. Option Volatility and Pricing by Sheldon Natenberg

For many years, this book has been referred to as the "Bible" by options traders. Understanding the relationship between market volatility and option pricing is crucial for assisting traders in determining the fair value of options. The book "Option Volatility and Pricing" by Sheldon Natenberg provides a thorough explanation of theoretical option pricing models, complete with examples of specific trading strategies that have demonstrated historical performance under various market conditions. Risk management, the trading between options and their underlying assets, volatility, and options pricing are some of the significant ideas that Natenberg explains in an easy-to-understand manner.

5. Rogue Options

This Top Options Trading book will instruct traders on making money online by trading options, with clear visuals to enhance the offered knowledge. Implementing these tactics does not require a degree in finance or technology; anyone who wants to make money through internet trading can do so.


The author explores the numerous strategies mentioned for constantly earning money online in-depth. Precise information is provided, from what each trade accomplishes to how it must be configured within the trading software—profitable trading strategies instruction booklet with screenshots and step-by-step explanations. The author is sure that traders may profit from the options market with as little as $50. However, this is not a guaranteed strategy.

6. Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets by John Hull 

Traders that frequently trade commodity futures markets are especially fond of options trading. "Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets," a companion text to John Hull's "Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives," provides a thorough grasp of futures and options trading markets. Hull, who is widely regarded as an authority in derivatives, futures, and risk management, has served as a consultant for several of the most prestigious investment banking organizations. Consequently, his book offers relevant information on swaps and other derivative instruments, trading interest rate futures, and strategies for evaluating the temporal value of options.

7. Options Trading in Your Spare Time by Virginia McCullough

This Options Trading book is written exclusively for women, detailing and encouraging them to be successful traders despite having a full-time job or being a full-time housewife. The primary focus is online trade execution and delivering the knowledge required to be a good trader. It provides an easy-to-understand, step-by-step approach for novice and advanced investors alike.


Though option trading is not a risk-free technique of investment, for women with limited investment capital, it can be an advantageous way to earn money.


Regularly shown charts and candlesticks make it engaging, especially for newcomers, to comprehend the performance of the options. The purchasing of calls and puts has been provided with excellent instruction. Few other concerns have been noticed by readers, such as making the charts more colorful or providing more strategies that could have made it more fascinating. However, it is a must-read for anyone who wants to study the market with a limited risk appetite.

8. The Option Trader's Hedge Fund by Dennis Chen and Mark Sebastian

"The Option Trader's Hedge Fund" teaches users how to treat options trading as a company by establishing a stable, consistent income from options trading. The authors Mark Sebastian and Dennis Chen describe how to set up a company model, including establishing income streams, avoiding common errors, troubleshooting, and sharing personal insights gleaned from years of experience. Sebastian is the Chief Operating Officer of Option Pit Mentoring and Consulting, while Chen is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Smart Income Partners.

9. Trading Options Greeks: How Time, Volatility, and Other Pricing Factors Drive Profits by Dan Passarelli

Although understanding options greeks are not always critical, doing so provides traders an advantage in their research and investing. The option greeks — gamma, delta, theta, vega, and rho – are the methodologies for executing trades and evaluating options required to stay up with the ever-changing options market.


In this book, seasoned options trader Dan Passarelli explains these tactics in simple words and provides valuable insights into the options market. This book is regarded by many as an indispensable resource for both experienced and aspiring traders due to its ability to illustrate how option greeks can be used to promote lucrative trading strategies.


Because the book digs a bit further into the technical aspects of options pricing, more experienced traders will benefit from the content than newbies.

10. Covered Calls for Beginners

Freeman Publications' "Covered Calls for Beginners" describes options trading as "rental income" from stocks you already own. Sound perplexing? This recommendation covers all aspects of the options market and covered calls, including the distinction between covered and uncovered calls, why you should avoid an IRA while writing covered calls, and easy strategies for determining the optimal strike price. It also discusses why options trading may be the ideal retirement pastime. Yes, in fact.

11. The Bible of Options Strategies by Guy Cohen 

This book on options trading is a comprehensive guide from beginning to conclusion, detailing how versatile and profitable option trading can be. It is written in an easy-to-understand manner with simple examples that are easily cross-referenced, allowing users to find what they need fast and seize opportunities even if they are fleeting. The author has addressed all of the fundamental topics for understanding options strategies.


The author has very effectively simplified the majority of the sophisticated procedures, making them easy to comprehend for any trader with even minimal experience in trading options. In addition to providing exceptional value, it is the authoritative guide to modern options trading.

12. How to Make a Million Dollars Trading Options by Cameron Lancaster

This book on Options Trading is a quick read, but the author has done an excellent job instructing readers on how to trade options. With little difficulty. The reality about trading options and making money is straightforward and uncomplicated. It reveals the Wall Street-kept secret regarding possibilities. It shows that choices do not accurately reflect the likelihood of the stock moving up or down and that put/call parity can be exploited.


This intriguing book on options trading has been highly recommended by several novice and expert traders from around the globe. Since it was emailed to Wall Street and therefore printed for the general public, it was known to be controversial.

13. Understanding Options 2E by Michael Sincere

Understanding Options 2E is the best-selling options trading book of the contemporary era. Designed for today's volatile market, this book offers pertinent information for all options traders. Michael Sincere's clear guidance is ideal for anyone wishing to get out on the right foot in the increasingly popular options market.


This book covers everything for novice and seasoned options traders. This is the ideal book to read before beginning options trading to gain updated information, valuable graphics, and essential success strategies. 

14. The Complete Guide to Option Selling by James Cordier/Michael Gross

Investing in any capacity has exploded in recent decades. Buy and hope has supplanted the buy and hold strategy. Numerous variables can now have a significant effect on the investment's performance. Investors must examine all macroeconomic issues.


Before committing to or expanding any investment, this article will take a page from the professionals and fundamentally alter the entire approach to constructing a healthy and high-yielding portfolio.


Throughout the entire procedure, step-by-step guidance is offered to generate consistent and significant profits despite volatile market situations.


It emphasizes that selling options are less stressful and acceptable than traditional and direction trading strategies. It is more practical and less theoretical due to the lack of references to the Greeks and sophisticated mathematical computations. Additionally, seasonality and exploitation of fundamentals for commodity futures and others will be mentioned briefly. As it puts probability on the trader's side, selling premium is common for securing a market niche.

15. The Only Options Trading Book You'll Ever Need by Russel Allen Stultz 

Russel Allen Stultz demonstrates how to generate a consistent income from trading options in this options trading classic. Several readers claim to have doubled their brokerage accounts in less than two years by following Stultz's trading principles and options strategies. This book presents valuable strategies and elaborates on how to execute them.


This book elaborates on trade management approaches, strategy objectives, profit and loss suggestions, and modern option trading strategies.

16. Options Trading: Quick Start Guide

This most pick options trading volume is a clear introduction that condenses a wealth of information into an easy-to-read book. It exposes the reader to many crucial negotiation settlements, exhibiting how a dealer thinks and acts while resolving essential agreements. It encourages the trader to be fearsome and develop into a formidable, intelligent, and savvy options dealer. Whether the reader is a newbie to rights or an established expert looking for a contemporary perspective on fundamental policies, the straightforward style, and vivid examples will keep them engaged and motivated to seek out more information.

17. Get Rich With Options 

It is a trustworthy options trading book filled with in-depth analyses and skilled leadership, developing the policies and knowledge necessary for achieving ideal results in the options industry. It will rapidly cover the fundamentals before moving on to the four options trading strategies that have enabled the author to generate future gains in this course. Options will allow you to obtain the same benefits as prominent business or product acquisitions, but with less uncertainty and less money. You can accomplish anything with claims that you could live with assets or commodities at a lower cost and with a far higher rate of return on your investment capital.

18. Getting Started in Options by Michael C. Thomsett

Beginning with Options is an easy-to-read, illustrated guide to the complex world of options investing. Options investing is avoided by many due to its complexity and potential for significant risk. Thankfully, Michael C. Thomsett's tried-and-true success strategies will put you in a position to generate a profit quickly.


He will show you how to make informed, lucrative decisions, discriminate between genuine and imagined threats, and ultimately maximize your achievement.

19. The Ultimate Options Trading Strategy Guide for Beginners by Roji Abraham 

If you want to get a stable monthly income from trading options, this is your method. In this trading strategy tutorial, Roji Abraham covers the fundamentals of options trading and six profitable, underutilized strategies. As Roji Abraham cautions, you will ultimately encounter a great deal of risk and loss if you enter options trading without appropriate expertise.


This tutorial has been compiled to assist you in avoiding frequent errors and being solvent while trading options.

20. The Short Book on Options

If you only read one book about options trading, make it this one. "The Short Book on Options" by Mark Wolfinger covers the fundamentals of options trading and strategies for leveraging this market area with minimal risk. It is a brief read that is chock-full of helpful information.


Wolfinger is the author of three options books and runs Options for Rookies.

How Options Trading Books Aid Your Investment

They diminish the learning curve

Learning the complexity of options, let alone any other financial product, maybe a laborious effort. Books assist answer fundamental questions for getting started with choices and provide information on how to establish strategies and monitor effectiveness.

Discover what to avoid

If you have made a mistake in trading or investing, someone else has likely done the same. Exploring the experiences of others enables you to recognize the hazards and opportunities without having to endure the suffering yourself.

Provide innovative concepts and ideas

As with most study issues, people quickly develop a bias, especially when there is no absolute right or wrong answer. Possibilities investment books present several options for options, ranging from speculative betting to portfolio hedging.


Overall, options trading is a fantastic, unorthodox approach to benefit from market trading. However, options trading is not so commonly known that all investors are familiar with it; reading about how to start and employ successful strategies is a beautiful approach to generating a steady income from trading options.