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Top 10 AI Penny Stocks You Should Buy in 2022

Alina Haynes

Jun 24, 2022 15:57

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Artificial intelligence is, without a doubt, the next big thing. We all or the most of us are aware of this fact. Artificial Intelligence will transform every element of modern life in the coming decades.


As a result of growing prices and supply constraints, several technology stocks have plummeted, giving the impression that the entire industry is collapsing. Nonetheless, due to temporary supply constraints and rising inflation, most of these IT companies' stock prices are falling, making the entry point for new investors desirable.


AI penny stocks thrive in the global tech market mainly because of their high stability and low price. Penny's investments in artificial intelligence provide substantial profits for digital wallets over the long term. It is difficult for investors to choose between equities in the global tech market and the worldwide cryptocurrency market. Penny stocks of artificial intelligence or AI penny stocks are in great demand in 2022 among global investors from different AI enterprises.

How to Choose Artificial Intelligence Penny Stock

Before investing your money in a firm, you must verify that it meets specific criteria, just like any other stock.


It would help if you first determined whether the firm operates in a robust, expanding market. You must also understand the company's purpose, market position, and competitive edge. Typically, you can discover these items on the company's website.


Next, determine the historical appearance of the stock chart. Follow the company's name with the term "stock." The stock chart will appear at the top of the search results if the firm is publicly traded and listed.


When analyzing a stock chart, you should start with the current price, then determine its movement over the preceding week, month, year, five years, and then "max." We may be searching for many distinct patterns for any particular stock. However, when examining penny stocks, we will consider the following in chronological order:

  • A historically high relative price for the company's stock.

  • Followed by a substantial decline or correction

  • Following a long time in which the price decline slowed and fluctuated

  • Followed by several little spikes that appear to be gradually growing more extensive, as if the bear is raising its head and transforming into a bull.

  • You must also determine if the firm is profitable. You can do so by reviewing the company's website for earnings reports.


These are a few things to consider before investing. Moreover, it is always necessary to conduct your research, and you will have a more profound knowledge of investing over time and be able to make wiser judgments. Additionally, you may join up for Top1 Markets, a free e-newsletter that provides investing advice.

10 Best AI Penny Stocks You Should Buy Now

1. Ideanomics, Inc. (IDEX) 

New York-based Ideanomics is commonly referred to as a financial technology company, yet most of its income comes from its electric vehicle (EV) business. Currently, the firm presents itself as a FinTech company and advertises itself strongly as an EV company concurrently, leveraging Wall Street's optimism toward the two industries.


Many investors and traders find it challenging to comprehend what the company does, and some even question whether or not it is a legitimate business. To comprehend IDEX, one must return to the beginning.


Ideanomics was created in 2004 and went public as a media firm in 2017; throughout the years, the company has positioned itself as many things through a series of acquisitions. It uses artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to develop its fintech products, making it an AI, Blockchain, Fintech, and electric vehicle (EV) stock, essentially the type of story stock Wall Street traders love to trade.


The company's primary objective is to invest in emerging technology. Among other trendy topics, it invests in cryptocurrency, IoT, and autonomous driving. In its portfolio, the firm includes dbot, Intelligent (an AI-based solution), Liquefy (a blockchain technology platform), Logistorm (an IoT company), Solectrac (a brilliant electric tractor company), Timios (a real estate transaction platform), Treeletrick (an electric bike startup), and Wave (an EV charging solution provider).


IDEX is the ideal stock for seasoned speculators and short-term story traders in a highly speculative market. You may make much money by trading this stock. In mid-November 2020, its stock traded for around $1 per share; 9 to 10 weeks later, it traded for $5 per share. Over 400 percent return in 9 - 10 weeks!


IDEX might become another NIO due to the company's investments in up-and-coming markets; this fact should not be minimized. Today's investors purchase narratives, and IDEX offers many compelling narratives for sale.

2. Innodata (INOD)

After starting at $6.30 this morning, Innodata is just above the $5 threshold for penny stocks. However, because its market value is under $170 million and its items impressed us, we decided to include it in our post.


Innodata creates "synthetic data" for AI firms that replicates actual data. According to the business, their solution "easily acquires and generates synthetic data across an extensive range of document kinds and languages." It also asserts that its data is extraordinarily reliable and unbiased.


Recently, Innodata revealed that it has secured a contract with a leading robot process automation business to aid in the development of "high-performing AI models or clever software bots that can execute across a variety of financial documents in five languages."


In 2020, Innodata's revenue increased from $55.86 million in 2019 to $58.24 million. In addition, its operating income increased from -477,000 in 2019 to $1,18,000,000 in 2020. 

3. Duos Technologies Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: DUOT)

Duos Technologies Group, Inc. creates, develops, and provides security, safety, and analytics solutions based on artificial intelligence in North America, and its stock is now trading for less than $10.


The company provides leading intelligent solutions, including rip, alis (Automated Logistics Information System), track aware (Intelligent Right of Way Safety and Security Solution), APIs (Automated Pantograph Inspection System), vue (Vehicle Undercarriage Examiner), and icas (Intelligent Correctional Automation system), which are all highly innovative solutions that are reshaping how critical infrastructures in various industries are constructed. These sectors include retail, law enforcement, transportation, oil and gas, and the utility sector.


Since 1990, Duos Technologies has been a provider of intelligent security and safety solutions 2001. In 2015, it went public through an OTC listing, and in 2020, it became one of the rare firms to be listed on the NASDAQ after having traded over-the-counter (OTC).


With its robust portfolio of intellectual property, the firm has the potential to become a successful long-term AI investment. Furthermore, its essential skills concentrate on the development of sophisticated rail transportation solutions. 

4. Remark (MARK)

Remark's facial recognition cameras might assist law enforcement, while "schools in China are utilizing Remark's technology to swiftly verify that every child who is supposed to be in school is present." In addition, several other businesses, such as huge factories, might utilize Technology to guarantee every employee is there. Moreover, customers may utilize Remark's technologies to determine the length of local retail lineups. Ultimately, the business has created a system that reduces power use by up to 50 percent over time.


As a bonus, Remark anticipates obtaining a substantial amount of cash from the sale of its investment in telehealth business Sharecare, which is scheduled to become publicly listed via a merger with Falcon Capital Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: FCAC), a SPAC (particular purpose acquisition company). In February, the transaction gave Sharecare a worth of $3.9 billion. In August last year, Remark disclosed that it held a 4.5% investment in Sharecare.


Remark stated on its most recent earnings call that it was close to securing a contract with a "smart traffic highway" operator in China that will utilize its system to monitor its route. The Remark also delivers "AI solutions" to a leading resort firm for the 2022 Winter Olympics. The company believes it is well-positioned to profit from President Joe Biden's infrastructure plan. 

5. CooTek Inc. (NYSE: CTK)

CooTek is a big-data-driven mobile internet startup that develops and delivers various artificial intelligence and machine learning-based software solutions. It operates in both the United States and abroad.


TouchPal Smart Input, an AI-based alternative input method for mobile devices, is its most popular product. It is available for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and Windows 8. TouchPal supports 110 languages and has daily active users above 100 million.


CooTek offers an extensive portfolio of software that it monetizes using adverts. Its collection of apps includes fitness and health applications such as Hi Shou. The firm also provides VeeU, a short video sharing platform that collects professional user-generated short movies and video content.


Regarding leadership, the organization has an exceptional management team comprised of individuals with expertise working for top-tier software application companies. Microsoft formerly employed the CEO, President, and CTO of the firm as product managers for Microsoft R&D Group in China, program manager for Microsoft China, and research and development manager for Microsoft Advanced Technology Center, respectively. CTK has a market capitalization of less than $50 million and a stock price of less than $1.

6. Alithya Group Inc. (ALYA)

Alithya Group Inc. offers digital Technology and strategy services in Canada, the United States, and Europe. The business strategy services of the company include strategic consulting, digital transformation, organizational performance, and enterprise architecture.


It also offers application services such as virtual applications development, embedded software modernization, regulation and software engineering, cloud infrastructure, quality control, and automated testing; enterprise applications such as enterprise resource planning, company performance management, customer relations, and people management; and data and analytics solutions such as business intelligence, data management, machine intelligence, and machine learning.


In addition, the company offers AI-FI, an integrated artificial intelligence and fidelity solution; Askida CT, a solution that enables clients to test the functionality of applications on various platforms; Capsure RF, a cloud-based platform for healthcare providers to optimize material performance management; CASSI analytics for weekly online servicing, outage management, petrochemical turnarounds, and maintenance and reliability; and SIDER, a secure solution that facilitates the exchange of sensitive information.


It supports the financial services, energy, manufacturing, telecommunications, transportation & logistics, healthcare, professional services, and government sectors. Alithya Group Inc. was established in 1992 and had its head office in Montreal, Canada.

7. Infobird Co., Ltd.

Infobird Co., Ltd is a well-known artificial intelligence penny stock that works as a China-based Software-as-a-Service provider of artificial intelligence-based consumer interaction solutions. The AI firm provides AI-based cloud sales force management software, such as intelligent quality inspection and intelligent training software, to various industries, including education, finance, healthcare, and others.

8. Qudian Inc. (QD)

Qudian Inc. offers minor consumer loan products on the Internet in the People's Republic of China. It employs Technology enabled by big data, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to change the consumer finance experience.


The firm provides modest credit products, such as cash credit products, as well as merchandise credit products to support a borrower's direct installment purchase of things sold on its marketplace.


In addition, it maintains a platform that provides loan recommendations and referrals to third-party financial service providers. Qudian Inc. was created in 2014 in Xiamen, People's Republic of China, and is based there.

9. Lantronix, Inc. (LTRX)

In the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific Japan, Lantronix, Inc. offers software as a service (SaaS), engineering services, and hardware for edge computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and remote environment management (REM).


The company's IoT products include IoT Connectivity, which provides wired and wireless connections that enhance the value and utility of modern electronic systems and equipment through secure network connectivity, application hosting, protocol conversion, and secure access for distributed IoT deployments, among other functions; IoT Compute, which includes application processing delivering compute to meet customer needs for data transformation, computer vision, and machine learning; and IoT Security, which provides secure network connectivity, application hosting, protocol conversion, and secure access for distributed Io.


In addition to xPrintServer, it offers system on module, single-board computer, and development kits, as well as mechanical, hardware, and software engineering services for the camera, audio, and artificial intelligence/machine learning development.


In addition, the company's REM products consist of out-of-band management, console management, power management, and IP-connected keyboard-video-mouse products that offer remote access to IT and networking infrastructure deployed in test labs and server farms, local branches, remote sites, and server rooms. Our SaaS platform enables companies to install, monitor, manage, and automate their worldwide deployments through a single login.


The firm sells its products through value-added resellers, technology providers, distributors, online sellers, and original equipment manufacturers, as well as through an e-commerce website for direct sales. Lantronix, Inc. was established in 1989 in Irvine, California.

10. Windfall Geotek, Inc.

Windfall Geotek, Inc. is a well-known penny stock of artificial intelligence that effectively creates mining industry platforms. CARDS, a platform for identifying the statistical probability of target identification, is gaining popularity (Computer Aided Resource Detection System). It aids in analyzing georeferenced historical exploration data, digital elevation data, data mining services, and several other digital datasets.

How to Locate Additional AI Penny Stocks

Visiting Top1 Markets or a comparable website for recommendations is an excellent starting point, and it can provide a starting point and a selection of high-quality options to investigate further. In addition, you get confidence while purchasing since you gain knowledge from someone with expertise.

How to Purchase AI Penny Stocks

Artificial Intelligence Penny Stocks are ubiquitous. The majority of stock screeners lack an AI filter. However, they may still be located. When utilizing a stock screener, set the price below $1 to $10 (or the desired price range). Change the sector to Technology. Have the filter generate the results.


If more than a handful of stocks are displayed, we will add the filter. We appreciate the "1 Year Change in Leveraged Free Cash Flow" This allows us to limit the search results to firms with rising profitability. In addition, they are reinvesting these gains towards the firm's expansion. 

Final Thoughts

You should constantly be prepared to capitalize on opportunities as a trader. As AI technology evolves and new applications for AI are uncovered, artificial intelligence penny stocks might provide a wealth of trading possibilities. It is already prevalent in self-driving vehicles. Who knows what inventions will alter our lives in the future?


However, AI stocks are comparable to other sectors. They may be warm or cool. Moreover, the news is subject to change. Learn how to capitalize on AI stocks' buzz, news, and volume. Create a watchlist first, then follow the news and watch your pattern or technique.